How to Get Soft and Silky Hair in 2 Days at Home?

Hi Everyone!

Are you going out somewhere in 2 days and need silky soft hair? Then you are at the right place. Today I will share my tried and tested DIY method of getting soft, silky, shiny and smooth hair!

Before you start reading the steps, remember that you need 2 days for this process after which you will have healthy shiny hair like never before temporarily. This is a tried and tested method. So let us proceed.

Note : To make your hair shiny in a day, do read Lancy’s DIY tutorial on Rose Coconut Hair Spa. It is easy, natural and makes your hair shine in few hours! You can also check her recent 6 month hair growth challenge results to know more about natural hair care!

Soft and Silky Hair at Home

Things needed:

  • Fresh Aloe Vera Gel extracted from the plant
  • Olive oil
  • Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo/Any other mild shampoo
  • Dove conditioner/Any other conditioner
  • Silk and Shine Hair Potion/Livon/any hair serum (optional)



1. Extract some Aloe Vera Gel directly from the plant, apply it to your dry hair, and scalp so that the gel completely covers them up! You need to do this in the afternoon time. If you do not have itchy scalp then skip this step. Keep the aloe vera gel for about 2 hours and then rinse it off!

Aloe Vera

2. At night, before going to bed, heavily oil your hair with some light oil like olive oil (Luke warm) and go to sleep. After waking up, remove the oil by using Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo and then apply Dove conditioner.

Olive oil
Dove Conditioner

3. Finally, let your hair dry naturally and comb your hair. After 40 minutes, you will see that the hair is becoming frizzy. Comb your hair once more to set it.

4. Touch your hair now :) I am sure you hair it will feel extremely soft and bouncy and it will have a natural shine. You can apply Silk and Shine hair potion/Livon to your hair too after completing all the above steps for that extra shine and bounce.

Silk and Shine Potion

I do this whenever I have to go out somewhere and it works perfectly! :)


Two Tips for Maintaining the Shine:

1. You an use Yoghurt (I know it sounds weird and yuck but it works) on your hair and keep it for 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair to remove the bad fragrance. Believe me, I have tried this as well. It works wonders, makes the hair soft, silky, shiny and healthy looking too.

Yogurt for Hair

2. Well, another tip from my side to maintain the shine of your hair is to use fenugreek mixed with some curd. I love this tip and I always apply a paste of Fenugreek to my hair and keep it for 45 minutes and then rinse it off. It helps to make the hair super duper shiny.

Fenugreek for hair

Finally, I will share with you a tip that I guess you hear everywhere. The tip is to maintain your diet. I know it is difficult but at least try to eat healthy food (fruits and lots of green veggies) one time a day! But that does not mean that rest of the time you can eat junk food. You should always eat home made food. You can cheat for one day in a week when you can indulge in anything you want!

For more experienced hair care diet ideas, do check THIS post!

Do you have any home remedy to make your shine? If yes, kindly share it below on the comment section!


Β By Arpita

Image source:Β Google images


  1. Swati Mathur says

    hey. i tried a mixture of fenugreek seeds and curd bt before dat i oiled my hairs wid olive oil a night before.. is it correct..!

  2. Neha singh says

    I have really bad fizzy and dry hair plzzz sum1 help to resolve this problem completely….. any natural remedy

    • Arpita Tiwary says

      Hi Neha :)

      I do have a remedy :) Take some mustard oil and apply it to your hair everyday before bedtime. You will wake up with super soft hair in the morning and the frizz would have reduced too! To control dryness during daytime, you can apply olive oil to your hair. Olive oil is a light hair oil and won’t make your hair look sticky at all πŸ˜€

      Once a week, use a egg-yoghurt mask on your hair and do not use any chemical colors on your hair too :)

      Hope that helped πŸ˜€

  3. asshra syed says

    Hi Arpita
    i have hair fall & my becoming dull&fuzzy plz tell how to protect my hair
    From hairfall &to become strong ? my sister has some white hair how to turn it in naturally black with homeremedy plz rply to my id:

    • Arpita Tiwary says

      Hi Asshra :) For hairfall, you can apply coconut oil to your hair everyday before going to bed. You can make your hair stronger by keeping your diet in control. Stop using chemical shampoos and conditioners, chemical hair colors and all. Switch to natural products for your hair. Start using natural hair masks available in the market and always protect your hair from sun rays and pollution by using a cap.

      Really sorry dear. White hair can not be turned to be black with any home remedy. Atleast I don’t know any such remedy :( Sorry…

      Hope I could help you out :)

  4. asshra syed says

    Hi Arpita
    i have hair fall & my becoming dull&fuzzy plz tell how to protect my hair
    From hairfall &to become strong ? my sister has some white hair how to turn it in naturally black with homeremedy plz rply to my id:

  5. asshra syed says

    Thanks for the kind advice which sampoo i have to use give me some homeremedy tips to protect my hair from hair fall .i use coc oil&protect my hair from sunlight…….;h

    • Arpita Tiwary says

      Like you can use shampoos from Patanjali (Ram Dev baba) or from Forest Essentials! It is a trial and error process to find your fav shampoo, though…

      Protection from hair fall home remedies-

      1) Use green tea water on your scalp…
      2) Healthy diet
      3) Natural shampoos
      4) Egg hair mask once a week
      5) Condition your hair using silicone free conditioners
      6) Use a wooden comb for combing your hair
      7) Apply aloe Vera to your hair
      8) Use Neem oil on your hair
      9) Protect hair from, dust and sunlight
      10)Use Amla powder mixed in coconut oil.

      You can also search MABH for more tips! :) Hope I helped πŸ˜€

  6. sarada gudimella says

    Hi Arpita,

    I have hair fall and after delivery it’s too much now falling. before my hair is very soft and silky now it ‘s very ruff and little bit curly . I am using head&shoulder shampoo too. I need soft and silky please let me know any tips?

  7. Pragya Pandey says

    Hi Arpita,
    i am a bit cnfused,after applying aloe vera gel,after like say 5-6 hours do i apply olive oil after that or straightaway wash hair with shampoo and conditioner.can i use green tea rinse after conditioning.will the two that is aloe vera gel and green tea go well together?

    And what if one does nt have natural aloe vera plant at home?wil the ones present in amrket do?
    like nature’s or brihans aloe vera gel??please suggest!! :)



    • Arpita Tiwary says

      Apply Aloe in the after noon and then you can use green tea wash to rinse it off completely.

      Wait till night. At night apply the olive oil.

      You need to get Pure Aloe Vera Gel. The ones in the market at loaded with chemicals and may damage your hair. The brihans one is for the face, I guess….You need to find a 100% pure gel without chemicals and parabens.

      Or you can get a fresh Aloe Vera Leaf from the aloe vera plant sellers :) An Aloe Vera plant is cheap and is a great investment πŸ˜€

  8. Pragya Pandey says

    ok,great..let me confirm it once again..
    i wil apply aloe in the after noon and then shampoo condition and do green tea rinse..
    olive oil can be applied later at night..
    but not before aloe vera coz then aloe vera might not work due to oil absorbed,,so oil needs to be applied separately..

  9. sobha says

    Hey guys, you can also use a homemade hair mask for deep conditioning your hair, here is the recipe:

    2 Bananas
    3 spoon Yogurt
    1 spoon honey

    Blend all of them together resulted in a thick paste, apply with the help of hair dye brush after brushing your hair, make sure to cover your hair from root to tip leave it for 30 mins and thereafter rinse it off.
    it will leave a great smoothness to your hair, Beautiful hair.
    I used it and it was great :)

  10. Hira jamil says

    Hi I am Hira my age is 16 years old I am suffering from extreme hairfall. My hair fall started about 3 months before anf isn’t stopping. I lose 50 hairs in one day. My hairs are extremely rough. I wanna hair like you. Some say to me that this is hereditary problem and cannot be solved as my mother and grandmother also have hairfall. But I want hair like yours please help me please

  11. Shyna says

    Arpita plzz plzz help me to take out from this problem….I have tooo much dry frizzy and curly hair….How do.I reduce them to silky hair….???And also my sister 12 years old is suffering from hair whitening..plz suggest a home remedy for this…too……..

  12. PRIYANKA says

    I am 21yrs old…suffering from typhoid… Xtreme hairfall and it’s very much thin…even rough also….pls help me….as this makes me feel uncomfortable everywhere…

  13. preeti says

    Hi arpita,my is hair is very thin I have dandruff on my hair it very dull not shiny very rough and very frizzy and when I comb my hair so much hair fall.can u place suggest me what can I do?I am dry also

  14. says

    Hello Lancy,
    That’s a nice composition Lancy but I have hair fall problem. I am also using Alovara but have no result but it is very helpful for my sister.
    Tell me some powerful tips to prevent hair fall.

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