How to Use MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil? : Usage Instructions, Diet to Follow

Hello everyone!

Ever since we started selling our MABH product online at, we are receiving tons of emails from the users regarding usage instructions, shampoo suggestions etc. Hence, I dedicate this to you all! Kindly follow the instructions, routine and diet tips below for best hair growth results!

There are two ways you can use our hair oil – overnight massage or a pre wash treatment. Either way, you have to use it at least twice a week to notice changes in your hair softness and growth. In case of severe hair fall, thrice a week is recommend. You can also use our hair oil everyday if you are a daily oil-user. It works completely fine as it is made in a natural, hygienic manner at home. I strongly recommend overnight oiling however the latter way works too if you are a busy person.

how to use mabh oil

How to Use?:

Overnight Treatment:

Before going to bed at night, spare some time for your oil massage. Make sure your hands are clean. If you have the habit of combing (detangling) your hair before applying anything to it, comb it gently with a wide toothed comb. Though our oil looks a bit dark green in the bottle, it is actually not a thick greasy dark oil. It has a mild golden yellow color with a green hue which you can see in the swatch below. So you can use it as a leave on treatment too if you are staying at home all time.

Now take required amount of the oil in your palm and apply it on the center of your scalp. Spread it. Now apply the oil all over your fingers and run your fingers massaging the scalp. Use your finger tips. Applying the oil to your scalp liberally is VERY important as it strengthens the hair root.

Once you are done with covering your entire scalp with the oil, move on the the hair ends. Apply it all over your flowing hair strands, concentrating more on the split ends. Application process is over now! Next is the massage.

Sit in a relaxed position and gentle massage your scalp to encourage the penetration. Let the hair roots absorb the oil. If you have a receding hair line problem, apply a little amount of oil there and massage well with your finger tips.

After 3-5 minutes of massaging your hair (depending on your time), wear a shower cap (optional) and go to sleep. Men can also use our product. It works the same way for them. Gender is not an issue at all!


Pre wash treatment:

You have to follow the same procedure for the pre wash treatment too, however if you have time, wrap a hot towel (Use your hair dryer to heat the towel or simply dip the towel in hot water and squeeze) after the massage and let it sit there for 20 minutes.

Any one of these above instructed procedures should be followed at-least twice (Thrice if you have time) a week to notice good results on your hair! Our hair oil also helps to cure dandruff, rough hair, frizz and pre mature graying of hair with proper usage.


Important Note: If you use it the way instructed above, our hair oil makes your hair shinier from the first usage itself! It stops hair fall within fewer usages and promotes new hair growth. It also increase the volume of your hair which you can visibly notice with regular usage. Do click a picture of your hair before starting the usage and compare it with a new one after 2-3 months. You will find the difference!

Don’t forget to check my at-home hair spa tutorial with our product (along with a DIY rose hair pack recipe!) It made my hair super shinier in a day which you can see in the picture below! You can do this like once a week or twice a month to maintain your hair manageable and soft.

my hair spa results

Points to Remember: (Must Read)

1. If your hair is dry in nature or damaged due to hair styling products, our hair oil can help repairing it fast with its unique herbal formula. It works perfectly on straightened/rebonded/colored hair as well. As mentioned already, you will feel it yourself from the first use itself! You can read customer reviews on our Facebook official page –

2. It is very normal to lose few more hair strands during any kind of oil massaging or shampooing. That doesn’t mean you are losing your good hair. While massaging, the hair strands which are about to fall (after the telogen cycle is over), gets off the root. However oiling actually promotes hair growth gradually!

3. With regular usage, our oil thickens hair and fastens your hair growth rate. You can read my experience using the product (with before and after photos). I have also listed out some of my own hair care tips in the article which you may find useful!

4. Using a good shampoo is very important while using our product! Use sulfate and paraben free shampoos (or at least shampoos that suit your hair type) or shikakai if possible. I use our homemade shikakai powder mixed with some herbs to wash my hair. I’ve also made a post on SLS & paraben free shampoo list with a homemade hair wash recipe. Do check it!

5. That’s all! Finally, I would like to list out four tips that helped me grow out my hair longer along with using our hair oil twice a week. Do these tips while using our product to see faster results.


4 Tips I Follow along with Hair Oiling:

  • I eat 2-3 egg whites daily without skipping a day. If not, I add soy beans or chana dal compulsorily in my breakfast or lunch. These are top rich sources of protein and hence fastens my hair growth visibly. I got tailbone length hair after starting my egg white diet.
  • I drink tender coconut once or twice in a week. This helps in controlling hair fall up to a great extent by maintaining my body heat. This may sound simple, but you have to try it to believe it. You can also take B complex supplements to normalize your body heat.
  • I never expose my hair to the sunlight. UV rays are not only harmful to your skin, but your hair as well. I cover my head with a scarf whenever I step out in the sun.
  • I take a biotin pill everyday. You can take one too but only after a consultation with your physician. I am in no way prescribing you this. It is a false belief that biotin causes continuous acne breakouts. However its not true. It causes breakouts initially but once your body gets used to it, you will have beautiful skin and hair!

Hope you find the instructions and tips useful. To buy MABH fast growth hair oil go here : and know more about it (Ingredients, preparation, price etc) HERE. If you have any queries regarding the product, drop it in the comment section below or feel free to email me! Have a great day!


Image source: 1 & 2 are taken from blogger reviews. The 3rd one is the picture of my hair!


  1. Melissa Mellie says

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome..!! I think now I can get rid of my hair fall problem because this product contains natural ingredients and looks reliable to use.

  2. richa says

    thanks for such informative post.

    If possible please do a video of how to apply the hair oil and how much to use. it will be better to understand that way. also do we need to warm the oil before applying it.

  3. says

    I have been using Lancy’s oil for over a month now. Have managed 4 applications and I use it once a week. I have terrible growth rate. It will take me over a year to increase them 2-3 inches. But with her oil I could see over an inch difference by the 2nd use and had grown about 3 inches by the fourth. Even my friends could make out the difference and that is after I got a trim in the middle! From the 1st use itself my hair was falling straighter. Love it! And absolutely recommend it for growing your hair long. Thanks so much Lancy!!! :-*

  4. riti says

    I hv a vry oily skin. Dermatologist advised me not to oil my hair. Bcz it causes pimples on my face. . Bt nw a dayz m facing hairfall prob. M Fraid if I use oil thn it causes pimples .. can u advice me smthng

  5. radhika says

    I just wanna ask cant u make a volumised bottle of Atleast 250 ml to 500 ml and also I didnt get how to order , I am living in India only

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