My One Year Hair Growth Journey, Hair Regime & Before and After Pictures

Hello MABH friends!

Today, I am going to share with you all my one year hair growth story with my before and after hair growth pictures. Hair growth, hair fall, shiny hair – these words  will be few of the most searched in Google when it comes to beauty, hair care and stuff. From my experience with beauty blogging, I got to know that clearer skin and longer hair are what more people crave for! Let us leave the former. The latter one is our hot topic today :)

I am eighteen now. This hair growth journey has been started before a year when I was seventeen. I was doing my 11th grade that time. The difference between last year and this year in my hair growth is not that great (Compared to the hair growth speed of my mom!) but still, I wanted to share my hair growth story, experience, regime, before and after photos with you all as per reader requests! Stay tuned.

Before and After Hair Growth Photos – My One Year Hair Growth Experience:

So did you check the above picture? The first one was taken last year (Around April-May) and the next one was taken last week by my cousin. Don’t raise your eyebrows and ask me a question ‘Your wearing the same dress huh!) :P I wore the same dress to know the exact difference but its breeding doubts in readers minds.. huh.. Really sorry guys!

Okay coming to the story, did you notice my hair has become straighter than before? Its not that I have done hair straightening (I have virgin hair!) but the good (Read ‘better!’) hair regime made changes to my hair and I am happy for that now! In these 12 months, I trimmed my hair twice to thrice which was a blunder I made. I should have only trimmed my split ends. Instead, I chopped off nearly 2 inches :( Sob.

Let me talk about my hair care regime now without wasting any more time. To be frank it was not a super hair care regime which I followed. I will list now what all I did to my hair and what changes I made to my hair care regime to promote hair growth in this one year.

I Started Taking Biotin Pills

Yes! This was the first thing I did when I dreamt to have beautiful long hair. Biotin pills aren’t that costly here in India. I got a strip and started taking it everday. I took 10 mg biotin a day. Within ten days, bioton gifted me 10+ acne breakouts on my face :(

I already knew that it will be the side effect but still, I said sorry to my skin and continued the biotin treatment. I took biotin supplements for one month and I could notice a lovely change in my hair texture. It has controlled my mild hair fall and made my hair more shinier. My hair looked better after biotin intake. It has also strengthened my nails.

But wait.. I was (Am too) a super lazy girl and so, I did totally forget about the biotin! I mean, totally!. After that one month, I never returned back to biotin pills due to laziness. If I had taken them, I am sure my hair would have grown at least an inch more than how lengthy it is now. Hence seriously this time, I am going back to my biotin from this week. I will surely make a difference post on MABH after one more year!

One more thing.. Don’t ever take any hair care supplement without consultingyour doctor. I am not recommending you to take biotin pills without asking your doctor!

I Oiled My Hair Every Week

This was one thing that made my hair texture very better. :) When I was around 12, I used to have thigh length hair. Then came the phase when I started hating long hair. And I got my hair cut done once in two months. I chopped my very long hair and maintain it till waist. I got that much long hair due to ‘everyday oiling routine’ when I was in my 5th 6th grades in school. I hated oiling hair but then, my mom compelled me and oiled my hair every other day. The oil I used (I am still using it!) was Our Homemade Hair Oil  :)  It contains a unique herbal formula. You would have seen my mom’s hair in this post. She got that longer hair without grays in her 55th age only because our hair oil and her healthy diet routine.

Currently, we are selling our product online. It costs Rs.400 for 100 ml (Free Shipping All Over India)

If you are interested to buy the hair oil, go through this POST for product details, price, ingredients, method of payment etc. You can place your order from – our official site, and get the product at your door step. I am sure you will love the results after using our oil.

After my 7th grade, I banned hair oil totally which gave me bad dry hair. You can see on the pic which was taken a year back. They were not beautiful waves :P My hair got that dry and horrible due to lack of nourishment. From last year, I started oiling my hair, but only at nights. I use our own homemade oil and I do it once in a week. I did not believe any single branded hair oil hence I use our own natural one. Its a gift from my grandmother! We do not add chemicals or even preservatives to it.

With once a week oiling hair routine, my hair texture has changed a lot in this one year. It is more silky and straight now. So I am going to oil my hair twice-thrice a week from now. I know and I believe that this oiling wala thing will work like a charm! :)

Update: (I don’t remember the date.. Sorry. However its in between August 2013 and September 2013 I guess)

Take a look at my hair now :) I continuously followed the 2 times/week oiling routine (with our hair oil) an got really black and thick hair! Our oil works best to stop hair fall, eliminate dandruff (if any) and stimulates scalp for newer and thicker hair growth. Its nature’s magic! I am looking forward to next year. My goal is to grow out my hair till knees. An update is coming up on Jan 2014 :)

Update – January 10th 2014 (Must READ!)

Read: My 18 Months Hair Growth Update {Before and After Pictures}


I Started Eating Eggs Everyday

This may sound strange.. Or funny huh? But it is true! Daily intake of eggs has made my hair grow faster. I have seen it visibly. Actually I didn’t start eating eggs everyday to make my hair grow; but to put on some pounds as I am underweight. But eggs never helped me gain weight :P Instead, they all went to my hair as protein and did magic to it. My mom says its the protein content in egg made my hair grow faster. Hence, even though I experience mild hair fall, due to the speed of my hair growth, my hair grows longer.

Egg white is full of protein and it really helps with improving the health and shine of your hair. Likewise, I love chicken too. I eat chicken at least twice a week. This protein rich diet has got my hair grow. If you are a vegetarian, then stick to chickpeas, soy beans and paneer. They are really great source of proteins in vegetarian food items.

I am sure that I will follow this egg technique hereafter too but with a little alteration. I am not going to take more than one egg yolk a day because its full of bad cholesterol. I am just going to take more egg whites from now. The egg thing really worked for me like a magic to grow out my hair longer and stronger! (Am I sounding like the girl in clinic plus ad?) :P

I Avoided Sun and Dust

Sun and dust are two big enemies to hair growth! They don’t affect your hair growth in a direct way, but of course they cause dandruff, root weakness and many other hair problems which result in hair breakage, hair fall and hair thinning. If your hair falls more than it grows, then how is it possible for your hair to get longer? That’s the thing. So if you control hair fall, you maintain your new grown hair and you will get long hair. Controlling hair fall = Long hair! Got it?

To achieve this, I avoided sun and dust totally in this one whole year. I was sitting at home and blogging the whole year without going to school (Yeah I did my schooling in corres due to full time blogging!) so it was possible for me. But for most of the women out there, avoiding sun exposure is not that an easy task. Better wear a cap, a scarf or a helmet while riding bike to protect your hair from direct sunlight. Wash your hair 3-4 times a week with a mild shampoo to get rid of dust. That’s what I do too. I do wash my hair everyday or at least 3-4 times in a week to keep my scalp and hair dirt and oil free.

We take bath and cleanse our skin every day then why not we do the same to our hair? Scalp is more prone to dirt, sweat, infections and many more things which can affect our hair growth. But keep in mind, over washing your hair might lead to DRYNESS! Hair fall happens with dryness too. Right? So make sure to moisturize your hair if you are over drying it by rinsing so often. Don’t use silicone based serums to achieve that temporary shine. Those serums might ruin your beautiful hair. Instead, use light hair oils.

Okay the post is going super long and I am sure you will get bored if I write more. So let me finish the post with few little hair care tit bits from my hair growth experience. These hair care tips will really be helpful to you if you are person who is wishing to grow long and healthy hair.

My Own Experienced Hair Care Tips to Grow Long Hair Faster:

  • Never comb your hair when it is wet. You are growing your hair milometer by millimeter so hard. So why do you allow it to break so easily by combing in hurry? Always blow dry hair and comb with a wide teethed comb after it gets dried.
  • If you want long hair, then stop using hair dryers, straighteners and curlers very often.
  • Include more protein in your diet. This works very well in increasing the length of your hair.
  • Maintain your hair and scalp clean all the time and at the same time, keep it moisturized.
  • Oil your hair at least twice a week and leave it overnight. If you wish, you can purchase our homemade hair oil for only Rs.400 with Free shipping! Mail me for that.
  • For my cousin, eating fish very often helped with her fast hair growth too. Hence, if you are a good seafood lover, include more fish in your diet.
  • If someone tells you that your hair will grow very long if you trim it, smile at them and forget what they said the next moment. Its a myth! Your hair grows from the root and how it would affect your hair growth positively if you trim the ends? If you have split ends, trim them and maintain your hair neat but never ever trim good health hair if you want long hair!
  • Avoid using SLS, silicone based hair care and hair styling products. Its one of the best ways to say goodbye to hair damage and thus, preventing hair fall. What is said before? Preventing hair fall is equal to? Hmm?
  • Drink tender coconut twice a week and cool down your body. Heat body might also be a main cause of your hair loss. I haven’t tried drinking tender coconut, but heard it from my beautician. I will surely implement it soon!
  • Last but not the least, have a good night sleep. It should really be a ‘night’ sleep. Be stress free! Do what you like :) Have hobbies. Good sleep, stress free life and happiness are 3 keys to grow your hair longer in few days! Believe me!

Enough! My hair care regime, experience and tit bits are over now. I am so sorry for the huge post. But I hope the points will be helpful. Did you like my before and after hair growth pictures? Which regime you swear by to grow your hair longer fast? How did you grow your hair longer in one year? Now share your hair growth story below!


  1. Rajalakshmi Murali says

    you hair has grown well n healthy lancy.. :) i am presently growing my hair too.. nice tips.. :)

  2. Sudhaa Gopinath says

    Awesome post!! Really needed this one as i’m suffering from hair loss and my hair stopped growing. Gonna ask my doc to prescribe me Biotin.

  3. Natasha Bhatt says

    I can never grow my hair that much because i am unable to manage it… also who has the time?? .. because of thyroid i lost so much of hair :((… i like how u mentioned in detail abt how u achieved ur goal… after reading this i think i shud start taking care of my hair nw m/

    • Lancy says

      Oops.. Thyroid? I know how it will spoil hair growth. My sister experienced it. Get it checked asap Natasha..

      Sure you can grow out your fast too if you follow a good regime and diet!

      All the very best! :)

  4. Ankita Bardhan says

    Wow Lancy!! Your hair growth is definitely following these tips as PCOS is ruining my hair, causes a lot of hair fall :( Hope it helps in my hair growth too :) Bookmarking this post :D

    Hey can you temme which light hair oil can be used instead of hair serums please?


    • Lancy says

      Hi Ankita,

      Glad that you liked the post! :) Why don’t you try the Himalaya Herbals Anti Hair Fall oil?

  5. aditi says

    Lancy you are someone who should be the idol for the youngsters of this current messed up generation. Managing studies, working, earning and doing all the stuff together with passion, diligence, extreme hardwork and most importantly maintaining an innocence all at the same time…All the best dear…

  6. Arshita Dhara says

    very useful article Lancy, way to go….just one more info i need, please give the biotin tablet details like which company and its costs?

  7. Supriya Kabra says

    those eggs are cute!! …
    ahem.. coming back to the topic… i have always been a fan of ur hair… they are sooo gorgeous!! :) wish my hair cud grow half as much… will talk to my doc abt these biotin capsules :)

  8. Samannita Modak says

    wow ! i must said i am not bored reading your so called long post . infact i wish the post goes on and on and you tell us your everydays experience…oops,i know its little weird :P but i just loved reading your post !..and you didn’t mention which shampoo and conditioner you are using currently or you would love to suggest us? i would love to know that coz i m also growing my hair long so i guess i need your more tips :)…betwn you hair is so silky and shiny…:)

    • Lancy says

      Thank you so much Samannita! ;;-)

      I am currently using Shikakai power for my hair and I do not use any branded conditioner. I use curd mixed with few drops of olive oil to conditioner my hair because most of the store bought conditioners contain silicone. I also use The Nature’s Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser cum conditioner when I am in hurry. It works very well to leave my hair smooth and manageable and moreover it doesn’t contain SLS and parabens.

      Before a month, I was using Sunsilk soft and shiny shampoo which was good but I stopped using it for the SLS content though it didn’t cause me any issue. It made my hair soft and healthy.

  9. Dollie Solanki says

    Wow, ur hair is gorgeous! I used to have waist length, thick black hair but once I had my boys, the hairfall that started never stopped. Also with two brats, im not regular with oilings etc….my hair is in terrible state now.
    but ur post is such an inspiration. Im going to start taking better care of my hair now :)

  10. Swati Reddy says

    I have to tell you, your hair story is exactly like mine..
    I had a very bad hairfall during mid 12th when i took up integrated IIT..
    Nearly half the density of my hair was gone..
    My doctor too prescribed Biotin ..
    It really helped me in controlling haifall to a grt extent along with diet..
    :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd

  11. ashley kay says

    That’s a great hair journey Lancy… Ur hair is healthy and shinely.. Biotin is very good for hair and skin. Its nothing but Vitamin B7..It promotes cell growth.. It is present in raw egg,Green leafy vegetables..Supplements are present all with other vitamins too..

  12. ashley kay says

    That’s a great hair journey Lancy… Ur hair is healthy and shinely.. Biotin is very good for hair and skin. Its nothing but Vitamin B7..It promotes cell growth.. It is present in raw egg,Green leafy vegetables..Supplements are present all with other vitamins too..

  13. Sunshine Diva Gaganpreet says

    That’s nice to share your hair growth journey and regime. It will surely help and encourage a lot of people to take good care of their hair. You are right that getting hair trimmed repeatedly does prevent you from getting long hair even though the salons always advise trimming every few weeks.

  14. Akila says

    Wow what a beautiful hair you have…. I used to have a long hair during my school days but now only to my shoulders… Will try ur tips

  15. Nicekp says

    Oh my Lancy. That is some really beautiful and healthy hair. I have bookmarked this one. Great article :)

  16. dharu bharadwaj says

    my..god….beautiful hair and very shared lancy….lovely post………looking for more like this….:)

  17. Shilpa2004 says

    Thanks for sharing this post Lancy :) I had waist length hair and I chopped off due to heavy hair fall :( Now I am using eggs and heena powder once a week and my hair is loving it :x My hair is silkier and smooth now. And will definitely add your points in my hair care regimen =D7

  18. Mansi Chauhan says

    wow.. great great great tips lancy.. the article was superb :) :) even m growing my hairs and this would help me BIG TIME…. :) :)

  19. inesserrano says

    Beautiful hair! Your tips are really helpful, but I was wondering: what did your mom applied to your hair when she oiled it when you were younger?

  20. Swati says

    Hey Lancy, can you tell me which sls and silicon free shampoo and conditioner you used? I am trying to find one, but don’t know many good ones.

  21. megha says

    very inspiring. your pics really inspire me to try this. i have below shoulder lenght hair but they are very thin and and was planning to chop it off but now i will give one more year and try your tips. i loooove long hair. you said wash hair with shikakai. only shikakai or mix with something please give detail. thanks.

    • Lancy says

      Hi Megha,

      Thanks! :)

      You can add curd and few drops of olive oil to the powder if you have dry/rough hair as shikakai is drying in nature. If you have oily scalp, use plain shikakai with water or rose water!

      • megha says

        do i use shikakai powder or whole shikakai. can you recommend brand of shikakai to use. i will follow your method and see. Even half of what hair you gained is fine by me as my before and after 1 yr hair there is no difference except it has become thin. this happened after my delivery about 2 yrs back. :-((

        • Lancy says

          There are many brands available Megha.. Meera shikakai is good! But it is better to grind nature one at home :) Use the search box on the header to find our homemade shikakai recipe.

  22. bharathi says

    I am commenting again! I am shifting to shikakai paste now.. hope this helps.
    Lancy I am glad u did an update post. this is really helpful. Nazar na lage

  23. says

    I had cut my hair from waist length to just above shoulder length(in End of September) ..And in just two months I see it growing past shoulder length and around 5 inches longer than before .Don’t know about why I have a great growth rate. And about oiling ..I have natural hair and I don’t oil at all .I do see some hairfall but it’s periodical .. I have a tendency to catch cold easily and my mom used to apply mustard oil on my hair when i was young . I caught cold if coconut or any other oil was applied. Somehow I feel that lead to the good texture of my hair. Also I agree having eggs everyday does do wonders , I seriously have one egg each day and I have seen that my hair retains it’s luster and shine. .I’m really getting curious about he secret recipe though . .:P Maybe I’ll make an exception(of not oiling hair) and get your special secret recipe oil ..:P :laugh: :-P

  24. arpita says

    can u mail me the details of how to buy this hair oil..tried almost everything but my hair are getting thin day by oil application, herbal shampoos etc all failed:(

  25. devika says

    I hav prblm of hairfall ,,,my hairfall gt controlld by 50% bt i want my hair to be thick n long like ur hair i dnt want to tak biotin pls suggest me nice oil as a dermetologst suggestd me to use keretex hairoil bt im nt happy coz hairfall is controlld bt i want thick hair ,, volume in my hair
    Pls suggest me oil n shampoo 4 my hair my scalp gets oily if i washd my hair on sunday tuesday eveng it gets oily n my hair is super dry
    So suggest me shampoo curently usng himalaya proten shampoo
    D oil u use wl it make my hair thck ???
    N as u said u use shikakai powdr hw u use dat ??
    Does it remmve all oil frm ur hair
    Pls reply

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