Top 5 Long Hair Secrets of Indian Women

Today we are going to discuss about the long hair secrets of Indian Women. Being an Indian, I have seen lots of Indian women with long, black and thick hair from my childhood. Myself, as a 12 year kiddo had a waist length long black hair πŸ˜› but after that, I was getting my hair cut done once every 6 months as I couldn’t manage my long hair. My hair has a great ability to grow long fast, which is of course gifted by my mom who has knee length hair. I asked her about her long her secrets and she revealed few today morning. That’s what I am sharing with you all in this post. Nowadays, me too actually very curious about growing long hair and hence hereafter no CUT expect the 8-weeks-once split ends trims. Come let us move on to the post!

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Oiling and Moisturizing:
Have you noticed most of the Indian women? Especially south Indian? They swear by virgin coconut oil. They oil their hair almost everyday to maintain moisture balance of the hair. In today’s world, no one is ready to step out with oil in their hair (Including me!) due to the limp, thin and sticky look it gives. We want our hair to be soft, flying and grease-free to make it comfortable for different hair styles. But most of the traditional women in India (like my amma) still oil their hair everyday and get a plaited hair style done. This locks the moisture in their hair and prevents hair breakage due to dryness. Though it is a myth that virgin coconut oil helps in faster hair growth, it can actually help you get long hair faster. Got confused? Let me clear it. By applying coconut oil on your scalp, you are preventing hair and scalp dryness, split ends, frizz and such. Hence, your hair stays healthy without any troubles. Dry hair is more prone to hair breakage than well moisturized hair. Then guess! If you leave your hair dry everyday, if it keeps on breaking, how would you get long hair? Your hair grows only 6 inches per year but if keeps on breaking and falling everyday, then how lng hair? But in Indian women’s case, their hair breakage is less and hence the hair grows long without any disturbance or difficulties. This give them beautiful long black hair in a shorter time when compared to others who don’t oil or moisturize their hair regularly. You can also use olive oil, apricot or almond oil for moisturizing your hair if you are not okay with the coconut oil.

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Frequency of Hair Wash:
Hair wash frequency matters a lot in maintaining a healthy hair. If you want long hair, you MUST be following all the necessary rules to maintain your hair healthy and this is the only way you can achieve longer and stronger hair in a short time. Washing hair often stripes away the excess moisture from your hair and scalp, and leave them dry.Β  My mom takes head bath only twice a week whereas I do it everyday πŸ˜€ But she said that one of her best long hair secrets is maintaining her hair wash routine only twice a week. By this, her scalp is prevented from any dryness and mainly, that itchy dandruff. In case if you are not comfortable with twice-a-week hair wash routine, wash your hair in alternate days but not everyday. And also make sure to wear a cap/scarf over your hair if you are stepping out in the sun. Sun severely damages your healthy hair if not protected.

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Healthy Food Habits:
My mom swears by dates, curry leaves chutney and greens to grow long hair. She has been taking this diet from her teen-hood. Having soaked fenugreek with curd every morning in empty stomach also results in strong, shiny hair, she says. Include nuts, dates, fish and Vitamin B rich good items in your daily diet to ensure that you are following a proper way to grow long hair. You can also get a biotin capsule everyday consulting your physician to prevent excess hair loss or hair fall. I myself experienced less hair fall with the consumption of biotin.

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Comb & Detangle Twice a Day
Combing and de-tangling hair twice a day ensures better blood circulation in the scalp, resulting in healthy lustrous hair outside. My mom suggests to comb hair with a wide toothed comb, especially after oiling hair. But be sure to give gentle pressures on the scalp and do not over do hair combing. Wash your hair brush/comb everyday in soap water and use it on your hair. Never ever use others comb on your hair and the same goes the the pillow, hair accessories etc. By this, you can prevent unwanted hair problems such as dandruff etc. You can also massage your hair roots and scalp with your palm and finger tips to improve blood circulation in your scalp.

No Shampoo! Only Shikakai
Still, in rural areas of India, women only use Shikakai to cleanse and wash their hair. Shikakai is a natural hair wash powder made of several natural herbs to cleanse and protect hair. From her childhood, my mom used to wash her hair with Shikakai only. This hair wash powder can be prepared at home easily without making any hole in your pocket and moreover it doesn’t contain loads of SLS, parabens and silicons unlike many store bought shampoos. ‘Where there are no chemicals, all you will be having is a healthy, damage-free hair.‘ Right? So Shikakai is definitely one of the top secret of Indian women’s long beautiful hair. Skip your shampoos for sometimes and get some Shika for your hair!

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Which is your favorite long hair-tip?
Do you love and adore Indian women’s beautiful long hair? Share your comments below!

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  1. Jodie says

    Fantastic post! Last year I decided that for the first time since early childhood I would have king hair and I wish I read this then!
    I do oil hair with an intense treatment fortnightly (Virgin olive oil conditioner in my hair for a few hours) and use marrcan oil every day buy I might give coconut oil a go too.
    Im very happy to read your mum swears by dates as I’ve recently learnt to live them :) and that shampoo sounds like its worth a go (if itsvery easy to make).
    I use lush products in my hair at the mo as they’re the least chemical ones and have defo noticed an improvement so I completely agree with going SrS ext free.
    The only tip I can say is that as I dye my hair regularly ( I know it’s naughty) its important toy get a professional to do it that has your hair condition in their hands (my sister is a hair dresser) and I cut it every 3-4 weeks to remove the end. In 18 months my hair has grown from a pixie cut to collar bone length :)

    • Lancy says

      I am glad that you liked the post Jodie and thanks for the amazing tip! :) My best wishes for you to grow even more long hair.

    • Lancy says

      Thankiesssssssssss Barisha πŸ˜€ Even I don’t follow that πŸ˜› But my mom always uses Shikakai. Btw, How is your day going???

    • Be Beautiful says

      Going good lancyyyy.r8 now am @kfc..mmmm da popcorn chicken is sooooooooooo good..:P neways lancyy wat z tnc shampoo??? Is it available r u doin?

    • Lancy says

      It’s The Nature’s Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner Barisha :) It’s so good and totally worth the price. I skip my conditioner while using this and it also has improved the texture of my hair with one week of usage :) I will keep you updated with the review Sweetz.. It’s coming up on the blog soon!

  2. Apoorva Writes says

    LOL.. I dont follow any of these tips.. and hence my hair is always short πŸ˜€
    will start following..
    Thanks Lancy for the nice tips:)

  3. shruti lakshman says

    Hey Lance..nice tips:)
    washing with shikakai is one of the best methods but as you said, no time!!:(
    BTW, which TNC shampoo are you using?
    Aren’t they expensive?:(

    • Lancy says

      Thank you Shruti :) and Yes, TNC Hair cleansers are definitely expensive. :( I got the Sandalwood Cleanser Cum Conditioner for dry hair which is Rs.895(250ml) But it is giving really good results. I experience less hair fall and my hair got that shine and softness :)

  4. Rasa nandini says

    All I was following upto I enter my college….after that only shampoo…again now trying to get back that olden days golden tips….
    Nice Post lancy :)

    • Lancy says

      There are many ready made Shikakai powder packs available in market today Jyoti :)
      However you can also prepare your own at home! Read my tutorial on making Shikakai powder HERE :)

  5. Prerna says

    Very useful post Lancy. Its very good that most of your beauty articles & tips emphasize on natural remedies.

  6. Krazzy Ki says

    Babes you have such an awesum blog!!Love ur work!! :)
    I follow most of the tips you mentioned except shikakai one πŸ˜› teehee its so tough, but I compensate by smothering my hair with loads of great oils!! πŸ˜€

    • Lancy says

      Thank you Ruhiee πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I am so glad that you loved my blog. Yeah, oiling hair too helps a lot in softening it!

  7. noopur tiwari says

    Is it necessary to oil your hair every day and step out with that sticky look. Can’t we just oil our hair at night and wash next morning ???

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