Before & After Pictures – Anahita’s Experience with MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share my experience with the wonderful product and miracle hair oil!

Its the first time I am writing a review hope you all like it and proves to be helpful for people suffering from various hair issues. Well I am someone blessed with beautiful hair, thick, nice texture and super straight hair. All my life I have been applying mustard, olive and castor oil on my scalp. I used to apply oil on my hair before every head wash.

Around 2 years back I had fallen very sick. I suffered from dengue, severe stomach infection and bla bla bla. As a result I lost my hair; they have become so thin and dry now. I tried various hair oils and minoxodil but nothing worked. My condition had become so bad that I had started to lose hair in small round patches. Its called alopecia areata which is an auto immune disease. I was really disappointed and depressed because nothing seemed to work and I was still suffering from hair loss too.

My dermatologist had prescribed me a multi vitamin and a hair tincture for round patches. While browsing on net I came across Lancy’s post on her one year hair growth journey. I got really impressed and I did notice this oil not only increased length of her hair but her hair volume too. I immediately got in touch with hair and ordered one bottle of MABH fast growth hair oil.

before and after using mabh fast growth hair oil

My take on the oil:

  • I don’t think I need to say much after posting my before and after pictures. Its been just 2 and half months now since I have started using this oil
  • I can see new hair growth.
  • My hair fall has reduced.
  • I use Biolage matrix hair strengthening shampoo. Its a good shampoo and does not cause hair fall.
  • My hair volume has not increased much. I can say there is 5% improvement and it will take time.
  • Some people might feel that this oil is expensive but I feel your hair are priceless. Can you get your hair back from anywhere in this world at this price? Once gone its very difficult to get them back.
  • Whether you suffer from hair fall or not this oil is must have.

I hope you all liked my review and this helps you all. Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day :)


  1. Venetha says

    Woww!! :victory: the picture speaks for itself.. Good going Anahita :yes: Would love to hear from you after a few months again on the progress

  2. divya says

    This mch imprvmnt in jst 2 n hlf mths?? Its truly amazing..wsh u mch imprvmnt Anahita n i cnt stop myslf anymre frm using ths amazing prodct..

  3. Sally says

    Hi..Lancy n all….good to see positive results …i have question pls answer me…While i oil my hair why is it so i lose 50-60 strands of hair..i oil twice a week n wash it next day in the morning.

  4. Cindhu says

    I’m also suffering from hair thinning in the crown area and my scalp is visible. It’s totally frustrating and I tried biotin minoxidil what not. But still there’s not much improvement. Do u think mabh oil will help regrow my hair in the bald patch?

  5. harsh says

    i’ve serious hair fall problem since last year.
    My scalpe is oily. So genrelly i avoid thik oil… Is MABH useful to me ?? Reply Asap

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