VLCC Cocoa Butter Hydrating Body Lotion SPF 15 Review

VLCC Cocoa Butter Hydrating Body Lotion Review

Hello ladies :)

Today I will be reviewing a moisturizing lotion. (By the way, all those who comment can address me as Nice and leave out the kp.) I have terribly dry skin and so am always scouting for moisturizers and basically any kind of lotion. I was on the lookout for a summery moisturizer even before the summers begin in Chennai. I picked up VLCC Cocoa Butter Body Lotion with SPF 15 while shopping online.

I picked up this one because – it had some SPF with UVA and UVB protection, was from VLCC, said cocoa butter, was on discount. Read on to find out how this fared for me.

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 VLCC Cocoa Butter Hydrating Body Lotion


Price & Quantity:

Rs 175 for 200 ml. But I got it at a discount for Rs.99


Shelf Life:

36 months from the date of manufacture.


My Take on VLCC Cocoa Butter Hydrating Body Lotion:

The packaging is pretty ordinary, in a plastic bottle with a flip cap. It would be travel friendly too.

The colour is a pearly white with a little brown giving it a very very light pink hue. The texture is creamy yet light. The fragrance too is mild and sweet and floral. All in one I think but is nice.  The smell is really fresh. It has a very floral vanilla like smell but not overpowering. However, I cannot smell anything cocoa butter like in it. The smell lingers for a while after application.

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Like I mentioned before I have extremely dry skin that screams for attention even in summers. The routine of moisturizing immediately after my bath has to be religiously followed else my skin stretches and it neither looks pretty nor feels pretty. I use this lotion right after my shower in the morning and then move onto the sunscreen. I must say that I am very pleased with the lotion.

The texture is creamy but light and with a little rubbing it seeps into the skin leaving it nice and soft. It also moisturizes really well. The skin feels conditioned and it leaves behind a real nice fragrance which stays on for sometime. It is not greasy too. The lotion having some kind of SPF and UV protection is a plus point here. It will work really well for all skin types depending on when and what time of the year one uses. Overall, I like the product. It does a decent job for all its claims. However, I doubt if this would be sufficiently hydrating during winters for me. I also do not recommend this before bed time for those with extremely dry skin.


Why I like VLCC Cocoa Butter Body Lotion?:

  • Comes with an SPF of 15 and UVA and UVB protection.
  • Ideal light moisturizer for summers.
  • Extremely effective for dry skinned during summers.
  • The smell lingers on for a while.
  • It does condition the skin as it claims.
  • The skin feels soft for long.
  • Is not greasy.
  • Affordability and availability.


Why I don’t like VLCC Cocoa Butter Body Lotion?:

  • The smell is not that of cocoa butter I feel.
  • Might be oily for oily skinned individuals during summers.


MABH Rating: 5/5 (ideal for summer for dry skinned individuals).


Do I Recommend?:

I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who has dry skin to normal skin. It has worked really well for me.


Would I Repurchase?:

I guess so unless something new comes up in the market.

Stay beautiful and smile always! :)


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