Two Homemade Hair Masks for Soft, Silky & Strong Hair

by Radha

Hello Beauties!
This is my first post on MABH, and I am so excited 😀 Here I am going to share two easy homemade hair mask recipes made using some kitchen ingredients. For pampering our skin and hair, the things are within our home. We can use them in a particular way without spending more money. They are natural and hence there is no risk of side effects. Today, let us check the recipes of two homemade hair masks which can make your hair shiny and soft; and also strong.


Egg and Cucumber Hair Mask for Soft and Shiny Hair:

This hair mask is used for the recovery of damaged hair effectively.  If you swim in a chlorinated pool for exercise on a regular basis, the same damage you’ve noticed happening to your skin and bathing suit, is happening to your hair, as well. Try this treatment at home to keep chlorine damage at bay. This mask is suitable for swimmers and for those who are suffering from hair damage due to sun and pollution.

Two Homemade Hair Masks for Soft, Shiny & Strong Hair

 Things you will:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 eggshell’s worth of olive oil
  • 1 quarter of a peeled cucumber


Preparation and Usage:

  • Blend the egg, olive oil and peeled cucumber well in a cleaned food processor.
  • Collect this smooth mask to a small bowl. Spread evenly through your hair.
  • Leave the mixture for 10 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse with fresh water.
  • For best results year-round, continue this egg-cucumber hair treatment twice monthly. You will notice that your hair damage reduce in no time. Egg is rich in protein content and the cucumber; olive oil will moisturize and makes your hair soft and ofcourse, silky.

Hibiscus Powder Hair Mask:

We all know that hibiscus is one of the most wonderful natural hair conditioners for hair. It is a plant which gives beautiful red flowers. The leaves and flowers are just the wonders product for hair. In my school days my mom used to prepare this powder along with shikakai powder. It made my hair strong, silky and shiny. After my college days to still I am using shampoo and my hair had turned bad in texture :( And then my mom advised me to use hibiscus hair pack to get back my olden hair. I have purchased it from an Ayurvedic shop. Let me share the homemade version too. You can easily make the power at home without much strain.

Two Homemade Hair Masks for Soft, Shiny & Strong Hair

How to Make?:

Get some freshly plucked hibiscus leaves and flowers. Rinse them and allow them to dry under sun until they turn crisp. Now grind the dried flowers and leaves finely and store the power in an air tight container. If you have no time/interest to make it at home, you can purchase ready made hibiscus powders from store or online. :)


How to Use?:

This hibiscus hair powder has a wooden smell and it is slight reddish in color. I am using it regularly on my hair (monthly twice) to find better results.

  • Take needed amount of hibiscus powder in a bowl and mix it with water.
Two Homemade Hair Masks for Soft, Shiny & Strong Hair
  • Make it  a watery paste which will easy to be applied onto the hair.
Two Homemade Hair Masks for Soft, Shiny & Strong Hair
  • It is the same method of applying henna on hair. Your hair should be washed and wet.
  • Apply this mixture evenly all over the hair and scalp. Leave this mixture for 20 minutes.
  • Later, wash it off by tap water. After that you can feel the smoothness and shine on the hair immediately.

This hair mask stops hair fall and makes hair strong with regular usage.

Follow these hair masks and enjoy soft, smooth hair at home without spending huge bucks on parlors :)

Do you use homemade hair masks? If yes, share your recipe below!


  1. Nirmala Santhakumar says

    Super Radha! excellent and useful. Hey lancy, can i be the part of MABH? Radha, am curious to read your posts, keep writing!

  2. Rasa nandini says

    Thank you Nicekp :) This pack will helps you a lot…but you have to use this regularly to see better results :)

  3. HnB says

    i m gonna try the egg-cucumber recipe soon.. i can’t stand the smell of egg.. *i m a veggie*…. stil shall try it with some essential oil 😀

    thanku Radha…for sharing this DIY mask.. :)


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