How to Make Shikakai Hair Wash Powder at Home?

Day before yesterday, we checked about the making of homemade hair wash cream, with a base ‘shikakai powder’. Many of you asked about the shikakai recipe as it is not available ready made in most of your cities. Finally, here comes the shikakai recipe of my mom. She has been using this shikakai hair wash powder for ages to maintain and pamper her hair. I guess you all would have seen my mom’s hair. If not, go to this post. Believe me, she is really 54 and has no gray hairs :)
I am the first person to be jealous of her long black hair. We now use a different, improved version of herbal shikakai powder (for hair growth) and lets talk more about that later. Okay, let us move on to the recipe now. All you need are few natural ingredients and some patience.

Things you will need:

  • Shikakai – 1/2 kg
  • Fenugreek – 1/4 kg
  • Greem Gram – 1/4 kg
  • Curry Leaves – 1 bunch
  • Tulsi Leaves – 1 bunch
  • Reetha – 100gm

Ingredient Benefits on Hair


  • Contains abundant amounts of Vitamin C and D which are essential for good hair health.
  • Provides enough nourishment to the hair follicles with its micro nutrients.
  • Doesn’t strip of the natural oils from hair.

Fenugreek [Methi]

  • Contains nicotinic acid and proteins to nourish hair roots.
  • Replenishes dry and damaged hair to add the bounce.
  • Replaces the store bought hair conditioners.

Green Gram [Mung Bean]

  • Rich in B vitamins and Proteins. Nourishes damages hair and prevents split ends.
  • Cleanses scalp gently without stripping off excess moisture and promotes hair growth.

  Curry Leaves

  • Adds a natural shine to hair and prevent tangles.
  • Controls and cures premature gray hairs.

Tulsi Leaves [Basil]

  • Cools down the body to prevent hair fall due to heat.
  • Helps in removing dandruff and lice.
  • Reduces hair fall and thickens the hair.

Reetha [Soap Nut]

  • Provides the lathering effect and cleanses out excess oil.
  • Removes dirt and other impurities from the scalp well.
There are no such hard steps in the preparation. Just make all the ingredients dry in hot sun for 12 hours. Make it two sunny days and part it to two 6 hours. When the mixture is completely dry and crisp, grind it to fine powder and your shikakai hair wash powder is ready for use. This can be stored in a clean and dry container for 6 months. Regular use gives you a gorgeous healthy hair. One can simply mix this shikakai powder with some curd to make a paste and use it instead of your shampoo or make a homemade hair wash cream recipe for more shinier hair, with this powder as a base.

Optional ingredients such as rose petal powder and hibiscus flower petal powder can be added for a pleasing fragrance and lustrous shiny hair. Share your views about this shikakai powder recipe and let us know if you have any experience or idea about this. In case of doubts on preparation, do drop a comment!


  1. Indu indgal says

    My aunt follows this, she even adds orange dried skin, it gives that nice citrusy smell. Hibiscus is always there in recipe. I love to use this, but it takes too much time to wash off na. No time now :P

    • Lancy says

      :P :P he he same here Indu.. So, I go for shampoos whenever I am in hurry to step out. But seriously, shikakai is 1000 times better than shampoos :)

  2. celebratingfeminity says

    I used to wash my hair with reetha, amla and shikakai durig my teens and it works wonder……..I hardly face any hair issues though nowadays I do not have much free time t follow this …….

  3. Zee Bee says

    This interesting! I have been usinf whole shikakai and reetha since i was in teens. Btw, do you grind it home or at commercial mills..i don’t know of any where i live hence using whole or i buy the powder from pansari.

    • Lancy says

      Wow.. That greatly conditions hair :) Amla cools down and refreshes the whole body, especially during summers :)

  4. Beautyfication says

    Lancy,Powdering this stuff is a real pain.I tried it in blender,but does not come out fine powdered,as we get powdered Shikakai in the market.
    How do you powder it?Is it fine powder or coarse?
    I do try Shikkakai hairwash sometimes,Works great also helps hair grow faster,imparting shine and bounce.
    Thank you :)

  5. arunima chakraborty says

    Hi lancy
    great post..have a question though…does this recipe create froth/suds and also does it remove oil from hair effectively,like oil dripping-from-your hair amount of oil…when i tried soaking overnight and then boiling amla ,reetha and barely removed any oil whatsoever.Also do you happen to know of any commercial mills in Bangalore

  6. Jodie says

    Thank you this looks easy enough to prepare and sounds like it will do hair wonders! Especially the basil cooling my hair- I live my hair dryer.
    Bookmarked this for my next trip shopping- fingers crossed I can find these ingredients

  7. Shachi says

    Hey.. I just bumped into your blog while searching for herbal shampoos..! A great DIY.. I wanted to know the proportion of neem and tulsi leaves. You have mentioned a bunch.. could you please specify how many leaves or sprigs approximately..?
    Thanks so much!!

  8. DianaSaravanan says

    mam can i add gooseberry , henna , lemon, karisala ganni, neem,vetti ver,ponnagani, adhimadhunam ? pls help me.. what is measurement ?

  9. deepika says

    Hey Lancy

    nice blog and nice suggestion just wanted to know abt the exact measurements of the ingredients of the shikakai paste … pls provide us with the details…

  10. Lively Libra :) says

    I tried this… It was a pain as none of the mills accepted shikakai and reetha ingredients.. I grinded this at home and then went again to get it powdered to the mill.. Finally managed somehow… Even though it’s fine powder, the paste has a lot of granules in it. It seems like fine powder to the naked eye but on adding water, it’s not!! Any suggestions to work around this problem???

  11. durre shehwar says

    i made this shampoo but when i used it,it didn’t make any lather…can u tell me why????????????

  12. TheGOKtor! says

    Hi Lancy!

    I love your blog but I cannot subscribe because your Feedburner is not set up for email subscriptions! There is a box somewhere that you have to tick to allow people to sign up for emails – I had to do the same with my blog!


  13. megha says

    this is in powder form so if we apply and then massage scalp to clean wont it be abrasive. if we dont massage, then will the scalp be cleaned. i do overnight oiling so will it remove those oils too. please respond as i desperately want to try this having heard so much good things abouot shikakai reetha.

  14. taby says

    grinding is very hard so i soak the green bean and frangreek seeds for 4 ours then grind with curry leafs,basil leaf i use fresh.i use powder shikaki.and powder retha then all ingredeants grind very well use little water to make a smooth paste.apply your hair and massage for 5 min on wet hair then wash it .i know lettle bit gravol left it but dont worry after comb its gone. waooo its feel so wonder ful thanks for a great! cleaner.

    • richa says

      hey taby,

      that sounds good. for me too finding grinding mill to grind these is difficult. can you please mention quantity for one wash. will be really helpful

  15. karunakaran says

    along the above ingradient add 50 gm of vettiver which reduces dandruff and like.
    and too hibiscus flower and leaves both have better hairgrowth property

  16. karunakaran says

    if u forget for above preparation ,u may just take some fresh of leaves of hibiscus and make a paste with water,the paste giver better shinning effect to ur hair
    try it

  17. poupee2000 says

    Hi nancy,
    I am a black girl and I tried the recipe without the fenugreek and it makes my hair bounce. the tulsi dry my hair a bit. so, I used without it. I prepoo the night before with garlic and olive oil.


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