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I’m glad to announce that I’m inviting new writers to the blog! If you are someone who is into ‘beauty’ (makeup/skincare/hair care/fashion) with a passion for ‘writing’, you are needed here!

Lately, I’ve been finding it very difficult to update the blog regularly due to my overburdened schedule. (You can read more about me and my work HERE) As much as I love blogging and writing, I’d love you people to share your thoughts with the world through MABH, making this blog a more interesting space!

This is neither a content writing work nor a full time job! I am sorry to disappoint but if you are looking for content-writing/freelancing opportunities, this is not the right place! We want writers who fit into any one of the following – who loves makeup/ does take care of their skin, hair and looks! This is VERY important to be a part of the team!

Note : Articles written for the sake of ‘content’ with just quality quantity/Articles with link(s) written in favor of SEO companies and websites will not be entertained! I do NOT publish articles/guest posts with free backlinks. On the other hand, you can definitely advertise with us, if you want to promote your site/service here!

Writing Guidelines:

Payment : You will be paid 200 INR for a ‘published post’ on MABH. Payment will be made through NEFT/online transfer!

Content and Copyright : The review/tutorial/DIY/any post you contribute to MABH shouldn’t have been copied from the internet/offline/magazine/service/anywhere and the same applies to the images as well! You are not supposed to copy even a single line from any source mentioned! (Even if it is from your own blog). You can always refer somewhere but don’t copy the exact ideas! Content spinning is not entertained here! You’re not supposed to sell, reproduce or use the content anywhere else in future that has been published here as it is copyrighted by the blog!

Uniqueness: You can have a own blog and you can contribute for the other blogs as well; we actually have no say in that! Make sure you will not be reviewing ‘there’ the same products reviewed by you here! Likewise, if you’d reviewed a particular product already on some other blog/even your own blog, you should not review the same here! (even in a different manner). The same things applies with DIYs and other posts as well! We only need unique ideas, reviews and posts!

‘Lock’ System : You MUST discuss with me before writing on a specific topic/reviewing a particular product. If you are interested in reviewing products, do send the product name list before reviewing any of them! Once I lock the products for you, you can start the work. This is to avoid two or more writers reviewing the same product at a time! Hence, be it an article, a product review or a DIY – You must LOCK before you WRITE! If you send your post without getting your topic locked/approved, we cannot accept the post!

Topics : All unique writings on skin/hair/makeup/fashion related topics such as DIY (Do it yourself) recipes, product reviews and makeup tutorials, will be accepted. Kindly subscribe to our posts; so that you will be notified about your posts when they go live! This way, you can interact with the commentators below your post with an ease!

Word Count and Images : Well, you must know that each article should contain at least 500-600 words. The more, the better! Blurry pictures will NOT be accepted. Make sure to click pictures in a light background; most preferably outdoors or near a window in a natural day light! Pictures clicked indoor in a dim light/with a dark background/at a high ISO/with flash will not be accepted! When it comes to beauty blogging, the quality of pictures you click makes your post more interesting! Hence, kindly make sure they are clear and appealing!

Writing : Make sure you write your articles in easy to understand English and free from grammar/spelling/punctuation errors! In addition, usage of short forms in your article is prohibited! No short forms like mrng, kinda, sorta, etc; should be used. Kindly make sure to check the errors once you complete your work! Posts with errors will be returned for corrections!

Authorship : Every post you contribute will be published under your name as the AUTHOR! An author box will be featured at the end of your posts with your thumbnail image (Only if you prefer!)(Don’t forget to send me the Author info while applying) You can also get Google Authorship for your posts – Read more about it HERE.

Editing : Kindly concentrate only on the content! You need not worry about the ‘editing’ part; I shall take care of the same! Do send your posts in a word document and attach the images separately in the same email! (Do NOT paste the images inside the word document!) Stick to the same pixels whenever you click/crop the images! (Recommended : (650 X 500); (650 X 600); (650 X 600); (650 X 800)

As you work from home, you are free to choose your work time! There are no rules to write an X number of posts within X number of days/months as long as you don’t lock the topics and promise to submit them within a timeframe! Time/schedule depends on your very OWN interest as I feel this is a work to be enjoyed!

You can take your own breaks from writing be it a week or a month! BUT.. make sure you complete the work you committed to do; if you can’t handle too many topics at once, you can lock just one! But again, make sure you stick to the schedule once you lock!

Things You’ll Need:

– Interest in skin/hair/makeup/fashion! (any one of them will do, too!)

– Writing skills! – (Presentation and punctuation are important!)

– A camera that can click CLEAR pictures! (Blurry pictures are not entertained here!)

– Light colored papers/patterned charts/flowers to make attractive image backgrounds! (not mandatory!)

– A good internet connection! (Good enough to send emails to me and respond to the reader comments!)

– PC/Laptop and an Email account!

– A valid Indian bank account!

– Patience to read this post fully before sending in your details! (no pun intended!)



– Lock post title(s) only if you can complete the same within 15 days!

– Be active on the comment section; readers love writers who interact!

– Once published, do share your posts with people through email and social media!

– Go through the terms PROPERLY before starting your work!


Do send in your application ONLY if you’ve read the guidelines completely! 

Kindly send your details in the format given below at! The subject of your email should be ‘Write for MABH’. Attach the topics and images separately in the same email.

1. Full Name* :

2. Age (Optional) :

3. Topics that you’d like to lock :  I only need unique posts for the blog and hence, kindly avoid general topics such as ‘skincare for winter’, ‘top ten tips..’ that are already all over the internet!

4. Sample Images (Mandatory!) : Capture photos of any beauty/cosmetic product with your camera and send it along with your application! If you are going to write more about makeup than skin care, do send in swatches/eye makeup photos! Do refer the blog’s recent images for an idea.

5. ID Proof and Photo : Attach a scanned copy of your ID proof along with your photo!

6. Bank Details : Account Number, IFSC Code, Bank Name and the other necessary information!

P.S: This is not the very first time I am inviting new writers here! I’d worked with many talented writers in the past who helped me to grow and maintain the readership of MABH! I must be very thankful to all of them.

I have been learning blogging through my faults. From the bad content, poor schedule and the worst quality images.. I’ve been through everything! And that is the reason why I’ve turned so picky about the content here!

It is practically impossible for me to point out every mistake in a post that you send! I also find it not-so-comfortable to do. So kindly go through the terms before you want to be a part of our team!

Looking forward to work with a wonderful team! Much love!


  1. says

    I would love to share my posts on your website if it is O.k. with you as your website is such a prestigious platform for us budding bloggers .Do let me know if it is Ok with you and if you need any further details or any particular topic to be covered .

  2. Debomita Biswas says

    I am very much interested to write for your esteemed blog.I work as a content writer for years and being a part of your blog is an honour.Please guide me which all topic should I take up to start with.

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