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Enchanteur Eau De Toilette Review : All 4 Variants!

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Today, I shall be sharing my thoughts on the French Eau De Toilette from Enchanteur! I’ve previously tried their scented body lotions and I really like the brand for how well they formulate their products with the finest, romantic fragrances every time when there’s a new launch! The product that has been featured today is no exception.

Enchanteur says – the EDT carries unique floral fragrances with the essence of romance, formulated with premium international ingredients such as Bulgarian Roses, White Jasmine, Cedarwood and Muguet!

This EDT is priced at Rs.650 for 50 ml


My Views

The product comes in a classy looking glass bottle with a carved rose cap that looks very feminine! I somehow feel it also has this lovely vintage touch to it!

The cap opens and shuts with a press and a twist. The nozzle dispenses the right amount of the perfume with each spray. Since the bottle isn’t very bulky, I can easily carry it anywhere in my handbag. However, I just need to be tad extra careful since it’s made of glass. Coming to the variants, I’m sharing my best possible views on the fragrances!

Romantic: If you crave for deep floral notes, you will LOVE this the most among all! Romantic smells exactly like crushed Roses with a hint of Wild jasmine! The fragrance definitely doesn’t fall on the artificial side but it delivers a soft, romantic floral scent that anybody would fall in love with! This is one of my personal favourites from the range. Overall, Romantic is Romantic – true to its name! Perfect for parties and dates!

Available: Amazon.in


Enticing: Though slightly milder compared to the previous variant (Romantic), Enticing smells very refreshing! It smells delicate, sweet and slightly citrus-y. The scent is very lively and it perks up my senses instantly! The fragrance is obviously feminine and I’d call it one of the unique scents I’ve ever used! It has this faint musky base note to it. If you want something mild but still quirkier, this will be your best pick!


Alluring: Unlike the previous two variants, this one smells less Rose-like (but the endearing rose scent is still on the base note) and has this wonderful citrus-y fragrance that is not strong. The pure Bergamot top note adds a sweet-freshness to the scent! I’d pick it after a quick shower at night since the fragrance itself is very relaxing to my senses! However, it also makes a great day perfume as it is citrus-y. Perfume lovers, take note!

Available: Amazon.in


Charming: Among all the four variants available, Charming is the only EDT that smells slightly muskier. It doesn’t fall on the very-floral-side unlike the other variants but it indeed carries a mild floral note (roses) along with the muskiness! It stays on my skin for a longer time compared to the other variants! I loved for how fresh it makes me feel with its unique scent! If you want to try something different apart from the regular feminine-floral zone, but still as delicate as that, then this would be the right pick! Mind you, it has this distinctive woody base note (Cedarwood!) that I loved!

Available: Amazon.in


In one word, all the 4 variants smell fantastic! The fragrance is so fine, feminine and sophisticated that it is hard to stop sniffing my wrist whenever I put these on. Though the EDT doesn’t carry this strong in-the-face kind of scent, it lingers for a decent amount of time and it instantly lifts up my senses! Once sprayed, the EDT just sinks into my skin in a jiffy without leaving any residue behind. It also feels cool on the skin.

More photos!

Rating : 4.5/5

Coming to the staying power – the fragrance stays on my skin for a good six hours after which it slowly starts fading. After a long period of time, I could still smell the lovely faint scent on my skin!

Overall, I’d highly recommend these EDT perfumes from Enchanteur! I like everything about the products – from the fineness of the fragrance to the lovely floral touch. It’s truly romantic! For the price and the quality, this EDT is a steal!

P.S: I spotted these very same fragrances in the form of body mists on Amazon. You can purchase the gift pack or the individual products (Romantic & Charming!) Don’t forget to check them out! I’ll be trying them soon.


  1. Wow, such a beautiful explanation…. After reading this I am really in love with the romantic and enticing variants… By the way I was in search of some mild beautiful feminine fragrances which doesn’t have an artificial touch…. Really I want these variants as soon as possible, gonna buy them definitely… Thankyou for such a beautiful review… 😊

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