Simple Winged Eyeliner : Step by Step Tutorial and FOTD

Ever since I have learned to do the winged eye liner, I have never stopped doing it. I practically do it each time and every time I am doing makeup. There are reasons like it makes my eyes look bigger and dramatic, so why not? Anyways, why I am making you bore with my stories! Today I am here to show you my version of winged eye lining, obviously the easy way!

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Winged Eyeliner Eye Makeup ~ Step by Step Tutorial

winged eyeliner tutorial

1. Firstly, apply base makeup or primer on your eyes. Shape your eye brows with a dark brown eye pencil or dark brown eye shadow (I use both).

2. Now, apply a neutral matte shade on the lids, all over. You can pick any shade of your choice or according to your dress.
Then, apply a kohl on the lower and upper waterline.

3. Now, you need to start on the eye liner. (Do not panic, you can do this!) Apply a gel or liquid eye liner on the upper lash line all the way to the edge. You can make this thicker or thinner as per your choice.

4. Once you are done on the lids, go the outer edge of your eyes. Draw a small line from where your upper lashes end to the upwards in 45 degree angle.

5. Now, draw another line along side with the previous line to join the line with your lower lash line.

6. Then, draw another line from the top point to the upper lash line till the middle of your eyes.Β Smoothen the whole upper eye line.

7. Now, open your eyes and smudge the liner in the lower lash line till the middle of your eyes. And guess what, eye lining is done!

8. Now, apply a light brown eye shadow on the crease area and apply mascara on the lashes to complete the look.

winged eyeliner tutorial

The reason I have chose this neutral and brown shades is my red lips. So, if you going with any other lip shade, you can add more colors to your eyes. Winged liner eyes are always classic and hit. Wear it with your traditional look or with a western dress, it will sink in and glam up your look.

I have tried to make this winged eyeliner tutorial as simple as possible, and I hope you find it helpful as well. :) Do try it and let me know your experience If I have done any mistakes or missed anything, feel free to suggest me.


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