Lakme Clean Up Face Mask Review

Since I have sensitive skin, scrubbing sometimes seems too harsh, so I have to concentrate on mask or packs to pamper my skin. Recently, I bought Lakme Clean up Mask with Strawberry Extracts and used many times and today I will be reviewing it for you guys.

lakme clean up mask

Product Description:

Salon like clean up now everyday at home. Easy rinse-off mask, contains clay know to absorb excess oil & help in skin tightening leaving your skin soft & glowing.


Price & Quantity:

Rs. 99 for 50g.


Shelf Life:

2 years.

My experience with Lakme Clean Up Face Mask:

Strawberries are very essential for facial treatment. They nourish and rejuvenate the skin very well. So, while searching for a good face pack with fruits extracts, I found this one. I have previously used from other brands like Lotus Herbals and so.

Now, about this face pack, it has a significant smell in it. It smells exactly like the Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub with Strawberry Extracts. The strawberry smell is very mild while a strong minty fragrance is there in it. The smell can be too strong for some, for me, it is not a big deal.

The texture of this mask is very thick and creamy, like butter. It provides a cool and soothing sensation to my skin. My skin feels very relaxed and cool the whole time. Because of the thick and creamy texture, it takes a really long time to dry it up if lathered too thick. I always prefer masks on my face lathered up, and even after keeping it for nearly 20 minutes, only 2-5 % of this mask was dry. So, since then, I apply it lightly on my skin and it dries up really quick.

Rinsing the mask is not a tough job; (thank God!) most of my face packs and masks give me back pain for leaning before my wash basin and washing and washing and washing. But with this face pack, it gets clean up comparatively faster than the others.

After washing my face off, it makes my combination skin oil free and clean, though a little bit dry but not stretchy. It makes my skin, very soft and supple. I can see a slight brightness and glow in my face for only sometime though. The after result is not for long period, but this is quite efficient for a quick grooming or facial like treatment at home.


The Good Points:

  • Affordable.
  • Gives a cool and soothing sensation.
  • Relaxes the skin.
  • Removes oils and dirt, cleanses the skin well.
  • Gives brightness and glow instantly.
  • Rinses off nicely.
  • Easily available.


The Not so Good Points:

  • No long lasting results.
  • Smell might be too strong for some.
  • Contains loads of chemicals & PARABEN!!


MABH Rating: 3.6/5.


Overall Verdict:

If you are looking for a good go to face mask for instant results, go for it. You will love the cooling effects and the instant brightening of the skin. I have been using this face mask for a couple of months now, and I am loving it.


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