Deepthi’s Hair Story : Hair Care Routine, Products and Homemade Hair Masks I Use

Hello everyone!

I am gonna share my hair care story over here. I have wavy dry hair, middle length and oily scalp. I have to ensure that my scalp is clean because I have an oily scalp and I wash in every two days. I wish to wash my hair everyday but If I do so will prone to cold and throat infection (I don’t want that). Everytime when I wash my hair I apply hair mask and leave it for half an hour or 1 hour according to the requirements. I apply oil the previous night before shampooing. I use Himalaya anti dandruff oil and Himalaya anti dandruff shampoo. I am scared to use chemicals such as paraben, Sulphur and SLS. I never buy shampoos or other hair care products which contains these chemicals.

deepti's hair story and routine

Homemade Hair packs that I apply:

1. Egg white with curd: I apply egg white mixed with curd. This leaves my hair soft and shiny. It adds volume. I wash it off before shampooing.

2. Vinegar and lemon: I apply vinegar as I have dandruff problem. Applying vinegar on the scalp helps you to get rid dandruff naturally. I leave vinegar 1 hour before shampooing. Dilute lemon juice in a mug of water and use it as a last rinse.

3. Oil: I apply oil to my scalp and hair the night before shampooing. I apply Himalaya anti dandruff oil and Himalaya anti hair fall oil. I now started using Ashwini hair oil, waiting for the results.

himalaya oil and shampoo

4. Henna: I apply Nature’s essence Hair henna periodically. I mix egg white with it and use.

5. Banana mask: Applying banana made my hair look frizzy and dry. So I have planned not to experiment any more with banana. It doesn’t suit my hair type.


My hair care routine:

I wash my hair once in 3 days; before shampooing my hair I apply any of the hair packs mentioned above. I use Himalaya anti dandruff shampoo, using this shampoo continuously helped me to get rid of dandruff and I’m planning to use Sunsilk natural recharge shampoo now. I apply oil the day before shampoo. I never apply oil and go out because oil attracts dirt which leads to hair fall and dandruff.

I apply Hairgro serum twice a day adviced by Doctor. Whenever I go out in the sun I never forget to cover my hair with a scarf. I say big NO to styling such as straightening, curling, colouring etc. I don’t use dryer to dry my hair. I regularly take Shahnaz Husain hair health capsule, biotin and iron supplements. Shanaz Husain hair health capsule has given me a great results, I have been taking this for past 2 months.

hair growth supplements

shanaz hussain hair supplement


Why do I wish to try MABH fast growth hair oil?:

To be honest, I haven’t satisfied with any of the oil that is has been sold in the market. Lancy’s hair oil has got fantastic positive reviews. The oil is made only with herbal ingredients that I seriously wanted to try it. :)


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    Great routine Deepthi!

    Heard a lot about Shahnaz Husain supplements but never tried one! Btw, I doubt that Himalaya herbals shampoo contains SLS??!! Not sure though.

    And congratulations for winning MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil!

    Have a great day! :)

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