Reetha Amala Shikakai Homemade Shampoo – Do It Yourself

Hello girls!! :)

Have you ever heard about a shampoo which is chemical free and help prevents hair fall , dandruff and makes your hair shiny and bouncy? Well I know one and I would like to share it with you all !!!! Read on to know more.

We all know that big brands make tall claims and promises to make our hair shiny and strong but have you ever read the ingredient list? I am so scared of the long chemical list these shampoos contain. These chemicals are responsible for graying of hair and may also result into hair fall. I prefer using a homemade shampoo that actually do some good to my hair. The homemade shampoo that I prepare contains reetha, amla and shikakai.




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Ingredient Benefits:

  • Reetha (also called soap nut) is a natural cleanser. It cleans your scalp without stripping of the natural oils unlike other shampoos available in the market.
  • Shikakai is a natural conditioner that makes hair soft and smooth.
  • Amla is the richest source of vitamin c that strengthens the hair.


How to Prepare this Shampoo?:

  • Take equal quantity of dried amla, reetha and shikakai. Grind them (make sure you remove seeds.) This powder is used to prepare the shampoo.
  • Add this powder (handful for my waist length hair ) to 2-3 glasses of water and keep this mixture overnight.
  • In the morning boil this mixture until the quantity reduces to half. Let it cool.
  • Now strain the mixture using a thin cloth. Wash your hair with this drained water. Make sure that it doesn’t get into your eyes. It stings badly!!

I admit that process is time consuming but is much better than the chemicals present in shampoos available in the market that damage your hair. I takes more time to wash my hair if I oil my hair a night before hair wash. I have to wash it twice and sometimes thrice with this to remove oil completely. I do use a conditioner after washing my hair with this shampoo. After using this shampoo my hair feels soft shiny and bouncy.

Benefits of Using this Shampoo:

  • It is a natural cleanser. It is totally chemical free
  • It helps remove dandruff naturally
  • It strengthens hair
  • It helps in taming frizzy hair
  • It is a natural conditioner and cleanser.
  • Affordable

It is a mild shampoo and can be used daily to wash hair. I need to wash my hair frequently since I have an oily scalp and do go out in scorching sun and my hair are exposed to dust most of the times. I need to cleanse my hair and I rely on this non toxic and chemical free shampoo a lot. I would highly recommend this to all of you. Do use it and stay away from chemicals :)


  1. Venetha says

    This is such a good recipe bhawna :) .. I used it when i was really young, but i left the habit because i was so lazy to use t.. But It s nature’s best.. :yes:

  2. megha says

    i have waist length hair but thin hair. so can you recommend quantity of amla shikakai in how much cups fo water to use. i also do overnight oiling so will this remove oil from hair too

    • bhawna says

      megha first u need to mix all the powders and i use handful of this mixture and soak it overnight in a mug of water…

  3. poupee2000 says

    Can you just used the paste. Do you let it sit overnight just because you are going to used the water?

  4. Dina says

    Hi, I just recently started using this shampoo and normally I used to shampoo my hair every other day but with this my hair gets so grimy that I can’t go more than one day without washing again. The thing is, my scalp feels better already (I have very flaky scalp) but hair feels really dirty.
    Is there an adjustment period while your hair gets used to it? Or is there a proper way to shampoo & wash it out? Right now I just pour the mix over my hair, rub in for a second and rinse it out. Is that right?
    Any input will be appreciated, thanks!

    • Ishaa says

      hi, my tips for you will be to be patient. Shampoos dry ur scalp as well which makes the scalp produce more oil, plus there are the chemicals. This shampoo may dry ur hair a bit but a lil conditioner will fix that. Also, u should massage it in ur scalp for a minute or two atleast and then wash. Hopefully that will fix the dirt accumulation. All the best.

  5. Vineeta says

    Hi i have alot of hair fall and so i made this and started using it, but the issue is that when i oil my hair, the oil dosent come off with this shampoo :( i what should i do?

  6. shreya says

    i mix 3 spoons of amla-reetha-shikkakai powder in water. let it stay overnight. then in the morning.. i apply it to my scalp and wait for it to get dry.. when it dries off i wash it away with water then use my shampoo( loreal). i wanted to ask if i m doing it right? if it will work like urs?

  7. Pooja Srivastava says

    Hi All,

    I have been using this mix from past 2 months , There is a definite change in my hair ,My hair are extremely dry but now with amla , reetha n shikakai mix they are becoming softer nd healthier… :), they are super soft now , which none of the shampoo could do ..
    when you use oil on hair , u may try reetha shampoo from baba Ramdav, It makess hair very silky ofcourse u need to use conditioner.

  8. mona says

    I m a beginner for using this shampoo can u guide me whether it will b effective or not n i have soaked it in water n will b using tomorrow . kindly let me know how to use it ib morning n to use conditioner or not reply as soon as possible plz

  9. sowmya says

    Hi all,

    Can we prepare this shampoo by reetha,dry amla and shikakai powder,in case if we dont get shikakai

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