VOV Lipstick Shade 08 Fruit Punch Review

by Dharu

This is the best coral lipstick I own till date. You all know how much I love VOV products. I got this lipstick when I was in Bangalore. I wanted something coral but all I had were extremely peachy and I wanted something in redder but more daily wear shade. I used this first when I came to Chennai and have been using ever since. I love Elle 18 Rusty Lipstick but that one as well is extremely peachy. And you won’t believe how many browns I have.

Product Description:

Pure coral with moisturising base to give perfect pouts

How to Use?:

Apply on a lip balm or directly for intense colour.


Rs. 120

Shade Reviewed:

Fruit Punch (There is a spelling mistake guys don’t mind)

My Take on VOV Lipstick Shade 08 Fruit Punch:

Packaging: This lipstick comes in a dark grey metallic shaded plastic case with a bit of gold on top. It has its name in the down part with number. But the shade that is given is not the colour code guys. It looks so cute and chick. I love the packaging and it is extremely travel friendly.

Colour: It is pure coral. It is basically pink with red and orange undertones. The color is beautiful and gives full coverage. One swipe will give such awesome tint and when worn without balm, it looks matte but doesn’t dry out lips at all. This lipstick is very apt for office wear and makes my face glowy and bright.

Texture: It is quite soft but doesn’t break easily like Elle 18 ones. Thank god. It glides on without tugging and doesn’t bleed. It may settle in lines for dry lips so make sure you properly scrub and keep your lips moisturized.

Staying power: It stayed for 3 hours alone and 4 hours when applied with a balm or a gloss. Survives 1 meal and the stain stays like for 1 hour. It can be easily removed with a normal face wash.

Fragrance: Very mild vanilla kind of fragrance. Not at all irritating

On My lips:

(Worn without anything)

Why I like this Lipstick? 

  • Excellent coral colour
  • Complete coverage and good pigmentation
  • Staying power is good
  • Looks matte and at the same time moisturising.
  • Cute and chic package
  • Leaves a nice stain.
  • Easily removable

Why I don’t like this Lipstick?:

  • Availability
  • Might settle in lines for dry lips.

MABH Rating: 4/5

Do I Recommend?:

Yes! Tell me yourself if you will get this or not. Availability is an issue (major issue) but if you get your hands on this you are in for a treat.

Would I Repurchase?:

I should have stocked it up. If I can get I will surely buy 2 of them since I already finished half I think. Everyday lipstick! 😉


    • Dharu Bharadwaj says

      thanks sweety…:) i am just lucky like that 😀 ;P…i know a store sweety here at my place they mostly get them

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