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How to Keep Your Hands Soft and Beautiful?

by Arshita

Hello everyone!
Hands are working all time, writing, eating, washing, on the computer, cooking. The lack of proper care may lead to tanned rough hands very soon. To keep your hands soft and beautiful will need special care, and no, once in a manicure is not enough for your hard-working hands. They need pampering.

The simple ways to keep your hands soft:

  • Always wear gloves while doing any work related to water or dust like doing the dishes or gardening. Rubber gloves are recommended, but do not wear these while cooking, the heat may damage it.
  • Avoid all time washing your hands. Some people have this bad habit to wash hands every time they do anything, the best way is do all your work and when you are done, wash your hands with a mild hand wash.
  • Whenever you are done all the messy works, wash your hands and apply moisturizer immediately. Keep a hand cream or lotion or your body lotion handy, keep a smaller file in your handbag also.
  • Get a manicure done once or twice a month from a nail salon or spa. You can do it at home also, using the proper technique (cleansing, scrubbing, pack and massage).
  • Massage your hands whenever you are sitting free. While watching TV or just sitting by the window, apply a little cream on your hands and gently massage both your hands one by one. I know it would be perfect if someone would do it for you, if you have someone to do it then ask for it.
  • Once in a week, use scrub in your hands. You can use store bought ones or homemade scrubs. For homemade scrubs: mix one whole lemon juice with one tablespoon salt and one tablespoon sugar and add some olive oil. Massage your hands with this scrub.
  • Always wear sun-block on your hands before stepping out. Exposed to harsh UV rays will tan your skin and make it rough.
  • Baking soda mixed with water is a good solution to clean your hands. When you don’t have time for manicure, dilute your hands in this solution and gently rub with a brush for 5 minutes. You will get fresh clean hands instantly, and never forget to apply moisturizer after that.
  • Apply moisturizer after every 2-3 hours. Staying in an air-conditioned room for long hours will tend to dry out hands. Keep them well moisture by applying lotions and moisturizers.

Homemade packs to keep your hands beautiful:

  • Cucumber juice and glycerin: mix two tablespoon of cucumber juice mixed with one teaspoon of glycerin and apply this on your hands every day. Massage it for 5 minutes and wash off with water. This will keep your hands fresh and moisture.
  • Milk cream, almond powder, honey and lemon juice: Mix all the ingredients and apply on your hand; keep it for 20 minutes and wash off. This will help lighten the tan on your hands while keeping them soft.
  • Egg whites and honey: mix one egg white and two tablespoon honey; apply the paste on your hands. Wash off after 30 minutes. The egg white will keep your hands youthful and tight.
  • Honey and Orange juice: it is a great tan removal pack. Mix one tablespoon honey and three tablespoons of orange juice. Apply it on your hands after coming home. This will help reduce the damage due to scorching sun rays.

Keep your hands dry and warm to keep them soft and beautiful. Use homemade packs twice a week to reduce the damage and get fresh looking attractive hands. Stay healthy and stay happy.

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