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Faces Ultimate Pro Shine On Eyeliner Moonlit Review, Swatches and EOTD

Hello Everyone!
Today I will be reviewing a bright blue eyeliner from Faces Cosmetics Ultimate Pro Range. This shade I am reviewing now is named as Moonlit and there’s also another shade available called Emerald Dazzle.

Claims of the Eyeliner:

Extraordinary color to make you shine! Gives a long lasting and intense shiny finish. Comes with a felt tip for precise application. Exquisitely lush and quick drying. Totally water and smudge proof.


Rs. 699

Shade Reviewed:


My Take on Faces Ultimate Pro Shine On Eyeliner Moonlit:

This liquid eyeliner comes in a sleek plastic tube (that shows the exact shade of the liner!) with a comfortable felt tip applicator.

It is a bright party blue shade with a hint of navy. It contains fine silver shimmer. The shimmer neither feels gritty nor looks OTT on the eyes. The pigmentation is good too, though not the best. (But I don’t like the smell! ugh..) With single swipe, it pays off the right amount of color; and the brush makes it easier to draw both thin and thicker lines.


The eyeliner dries off quickly and doesn’t smudge for a long time. I wore it on my upper lash line for more than 10 hours and it still sits there without major fading at the end of the day. Even after removing the eyeliner with an eye makeup remover, few shimmers refuse to go off. Overall, I would call this a beautiful bright blue shade with silver shimmers which is more suitable for parties and occasions. I will not be using it for daily wear; but still, I am in love with this blue so much! These are must buy if you are a lover of colored eyeliners with long staying power (And if you don’t mind the price!)

EOTD ~ On My Eyes:

Why I like this Eyeliner?:

  • Beautiful blue shade
  • Will suit all skin types!
  • Perfect party wear
  • Stays for a long time
  • No ugly shimmers; they are subtle
  • Doesn’t bleed or smudge
  • I once wore it on my lower lash line an I would say that it is tear proof 😛
  • Felt tip applicator makes the application easy
  • Handy, compact packaging

Why I don’t like this Eyeliner?:

  • Faces cosmetics.. Why this kolaveri about price???!! 😛
  • Hard to remove even with a makeup remover

MABH Rating: 4/5

Do I Recommend?:

I highly recommend these liquid eyeliners from Faces Ultimate Pro Range. They have two beautiful shades with long staying power. I love the lipsticks from this range too; I will review one soon!

Would I Repurchase?:

Not this same shade but I am eyeing out for Emerald Dazzle. I find that more beautiful than this!.

Have you tried anything from Faces Utimate Pro Range? Do you like this Eyeliner?


    1. Yeah yeah.. Right.. These are the shades from tat Quad.. Beautiful na? I am loving the sunset collection very much.. though I am bad at eye makeup 😛

    2. Will surely try that next time Dharu ji 🙂 Thanksss :X had your evening snacks??? Am coooking Magggiiii here..

    3. nope…had juice thats all…cheeku…my favourite of all..?..oh i miss banglore so much…hot hot maggi in wet rains…hmmmm:)

  1. Bit pricy, but the color is my fav. And my God, such beautiful eyes and such a good eye makeup Lancy! Brava! 🙂

    1. Yeah.. Faces should definitely check their prices.. I am wondering what happened to them :-/ They imagine themselves as MAC or somethn?

  2. This is such a pretty EOTD :-bd .. Eyes are your assets Lancy ;;-) .. Blue eyeliner is supposed to accentuate the eyes.. Very nice ! Except for the price of course 😛

    1. Thank you so much Venetha! 🙂 And I agree with your point that the price is high. Have you tried blue eyeliners? ;;-)

  3. OMG I think this is one of the prettiest blue eyeliners I have ever seen! :O and soo pretty on your eyes Lancy 😡

    1. Thank you so much Adi 🙂 Did you find a similar shade on Avon? Bcz I find this too pricey.. So I doubt about my repurchase 🙁

    2. I haven’t tried many coloured liquid liners from Avon, Lancy.. Twilight sparkles is a shade or two darker than this, but it’s a pencil liner.. you could try that though 🙂

    1. Yeah yeah same one 🙂 Do you really like it?? Glad we didn’t buy tat liquid concealer which the SA suggested.??? 😛 😛

    2. He he..YES..I found my HG concealer at Inglot..Thank god I dint..
      These SA’s are always saravedi’s 😛

    3. haahah ya seriously.. these faces ppl are hiking prices like anything.. and Saravedi SAs 😛 😛 ROFL.. We can go to phoenix next time..

    4. Yup..I desperate to enter the Kryolan store there..
      Heard its better than EA..
      Thinking abt my wishlist 😛

    5. Would be glad!! i live in chennai only Lancy 🙂 .. the mall is in Mount road.. The mall in park hyatt hotel building 🙂

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