Lotus Herbals Safe Sun De Tan After Sun Face Pack Review

Hello Everyone!

Lotus is a known brand for face packs and herbal skin solutions. I, being an online shopping freak saw this face pack and thought that this could be the solution to my tanning woes. Please read on to know if this met my expectation.

Price and Quantity:

110 INR for 50 gm product.

My Take:

The packaging is a simple orange colored tube with a flip top cap and the directions of use and ingredients are mentioned on the back.

The product is a light orange tinted creamy face pack. Each application requires a small amount of face pack and till now I’ve used it for 15 days with 4 applications so far and I feel this would last till the next month. So that is definitely value for money.


Using the face pack:

After using a good face wash you need to apply the face pack on a slightly moist face using hands and spread evenly. The face pack needs to be completely dry before you remove it. It takes around 10-15 min on me. Then you may remove it with water or use a cotton wool dipped in rose water.

Firstly I tan a lot, and I have this strange tendency where my skin turns red with any sun exposure or even heat. And when I return home from a few hours of outdoor activity it feels as if I took a tropical beach holiday. So I am always trying to get a good product to control my tan. Prior to using this I had some dark patches on my face due to tanning and with the second use I saw it to reduce quite a lot. The face pack does reduce tanning but one need to use it twice or thrice a week and if used in conjunction with the de tan face wash this works even better. So I definitely recommend this to all those with tanning problems. It does not show great results with first use but if you keep using it does reduce the tanning and uneven skin tone quite miraculously.


  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Easy to use and remove
  • No irritations while using (Though you get a bit of stinging sensation for the first use but it’s gone after 30-40 seconds)
  • Reduces uneven skin tone and reduces tanning
  • Affordable pricing
  • Available both offline and online


  • The effect is not immediate and takes a few uses to show.


Rating: 4/5


Will I Recommend?:

Yes I will, we all tan in summers no matter what we do, so it’s a great product to control tanning and reduce it


Will I Repurchase?:

Yes I will, and this time I’ll buy the larger quantity.


  1. dharu says

    i used to use this………really good one from lotus actually…………:)…thnks shabby for reminding me again

  2. Lancy says

    I need this right now! My skin has been badly tanned… Good review Shabbs :)

    Good Afternoon Everyone!!!!!! :-h

  3. Swetha Muppalla says

    Hey shabby.
    i do use few skin care products from lotus, looking at this for first time, and is this suitable for oily skin?, especially in this season? :)

    • Shabby GD says

      I have combination skin and did not irritate me .Lotus stuff are quite mild and hardly cause irritations. I think you should try once .

  4. pearl yadav says

    i am running to the nearest store and fetching it right now…Thanks for the reveiw!! need it badly..

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