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Khadi Kesar Peeling Scrub Gel Review

Hello everybody!

Every time I write for MABH, I get so excitement down my heart that I cannot even express. 😛 So, coming back to the topic, how often do you use scrub? I honestly cannot live without it, if I don’t scrub for a week; I feel like my skin is full of dirt and dead cells (even if I do CTM daily). And I am reviewing today my all time scrub, Khadi Kesar Peeling Scrub Gel. I bought it online last year and still using it.

Price and quantity: 

Rs. 145 for 210ml. (I got it for Rs. 123)


My Take:

I have normal skin with T-zone oily and I use this scrub for my weekly scrubbing and also for my home facial scrubbing. To begin with, this scrub comes in a typical Khadi bottle, but luckily mine was bit sturdy. It has flip top cap.

The scrub is a reddish orange color gel with millions of black and off white granules. When applying it on the skin, it gives a nice cooling feel, and the smell is exactly like kesar mixed with some other herbs (the smell reminds me of Pass pass :P). It is thick gel and because of the packaging, after a few uses (when the level goes down), it becomes hard to get it out.

It purely cleans my skin, making it soft and supple. It rinses very well, without leaving any slippery effect. The granules are quite hard, so I don’t use it when I have pimples on my skin. It is directed to rinse with lukewarm water for better result; I totally get the idea when I use this scrub for my home facial. After scrubbing and getting steam, my face feels like baby’s skin and it glows, really!

Well, Khadi is quite known as herbal company, but there is preservative in the ingredient list (which breaks my heart). Other than that, I love this scrub, it may not be making my skin fairer or removes spots, but it cleanses my skin and makes it like baby’s skin. It does not dry out my skin nor needs no face wash after using this (Lotus Apricot Scrub needed face wash after).

When I ordered this scrub online, I thought it might be peel off gel as displayed on its name. But after trying it for the first time, I saw no peeling condition. I wondered why they would name it Khadi Kesar Peeling Scrub Gel if it is not for peeling, after 3-4 uses, I realized that it is called “peeling” because it peels the dead cells from skin and gives a new baby soft skin. 😛


  • Cleans well.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Smells pretty well.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Fairly large amount.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth.
  • Leaves skin refreshing and cool.
  • Great for regular use.
  • Does not leave skin dry or oily.


  • Contains preservative.
  • Granules can be quite harsh for acne prone skins.
  • Packaging is not perfect for thick gel.


Rating: 3.5/5 (-1.5 for preservatives)


Do I Recommend?:

Yes, it is a good scrub for regular use.


Would I Repurchase?:

Yes, absolutely.


    1. Hmm 🙂 I am planning to use this one as my body scrub too Arshita. As they give a huge quantity for the price.

  1. particles are harsh.. quite disappointing.. nicee review arshita :)I ordered rose and sandal pack from khadi..

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