Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick Pomegranate Pie Review and Swatches

Hello everyone!

Today I am reviewing my most favorite lipstick till date. This was the first lipstick I ever bought and have been my HG shade ever since. Why is it so? Let’s see..

Price and Quantity:

Rs.100 for 4 ml

My Take:

The lipstick comes a cute black tube with a twist up bottom. The packaging is simple, elegant, girl and travel friendly. It will easily fit inside your clutch.

The lipstick has a beautiful gorgeous pink shade with mauve undertones. For every girl this will be a prized possession that I am sure of. I haven’t seen any skin tone which doesn’t get along with this one. This Elle 18 lipstick works well with warmer and cool skin tones. Go for a heavy kohl eye with this one and look amazing.. It works best with white, black, cream colored out fits.

It is a sheer lipstick but at the same time creamy enough to give moisture. It doesn’t bleed at all even in summers and offers complete coverage. It has a sweet bubble gum fragrance. You can use it alone without a balm for a rich color. By the way it looks perfect and mauve comes out in natural light.

This lipstick stays for 3 hours with light meals in between. It is easy to touch up! You don’t even need much swipes to get colour as it completely covers any pigmentation. I don’t have pigmentation but I can see that it will.


On My lips:


  • Excellent color (Most beautiful pink I have seen in my collection)
  • Not balmy and not matte
  • Very moisturising
  • Suits every skin tone. It can be worn as an office shade too!
  • I can rave enough about this one. Please spare me.. Everything is perfect in this baby.


  • Nothing to find fault.. (Staying power may be for someone but the price I get it’s not a con)


Rating: 5/5


Do I Recommend?:

For every one! As long as Elle 18 releases I will buy and recommend this beauty.


Would I Repurchase?:

Always. This is my second one already!


  1. Arshita Dhara says

    Honestly i am yet to try elle 18 lipstick….whenever i open it to see the color at shop, i like d color but the sweaty/ not straight stick kinda bumms me out. it does not look decent. but this pome-pie shade is my fav shade..willing to buy

    • Lancy says

      I had same views about Elle 18 lipsticks Arshita.. But I tried one recently and it is good :) I am still storing it in refrigerator to avoid breaking or else I am sure it would break.. I might buy one or 2 more shades in future (Just for the shades) but not more than that..

      Try pomegranate pie for sure. This is in my wishlist too now.

    • dharu says

      well i love their packaging arshita dhara…may sound weird but dont a lip liner with these lipsticks….i use the lipstick it self to line using the sharper top edge and fill with the lipstick later…..hope you will like it as well dear….beautiful name btw

    • Arshita Dhara says

      thank u very much beautiful ladies….. Actually seeing pinken and this shade i am kinda tempted to buy it and thanks Lancy, i will use ur trick only to preserve it….:)

    • Lancy says

      Try the refrigerator for sure Arshita :) I don’t think I will carry this lipstick while I am travelling.. If it breaks, I will crush it.. add some beeswax and make it a tinted lip balm 😛

    • Arshita Dhara says

      lol….now again unwilling to buy, cant take it in my handbag? I always carry my lipsticks with me….still i will think about it…. 😀

  2. Lancy says

    Awesome lip swatches Dharu :) I am surely buying Pomegranate Pie soon…

    Good Morning Everyone!! 😀 😀 Happy Sunday 2:-P

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