How to Get Rid of Oily Skin on Face Naturally?

Just don’t blame the summer alone; even this monsoon weather is giving us lots of trouble. I expected my skin to act normal after Mr.Summer took leave but it turned even more worse unexpectedly. I am enjoying monsoon with rains and spicy hot cuisines. I am loving the cool breeze but my skin? my T zone? It is getting more oilier than it was in summer. This irregular climate is giving my skin zits, breakouts and such due to excessive skin greasiness. So what to do naturally when your facial skin turns excessively oily and greasy? How to say goodbye to those pimple breakouts, zits and blackheads? We cannot always put on store bought products on our face isn’t it? So sip a coffee and note down these natural oily skin curing ideas to prevent and control that oily sheen on your facial skin, especially on your T zone.

Proper Face Washing Routine

Wash your face compulsorily for twice a day if you have oily facial skin. Use a good oil clearing face wash which is gentle, preferably herbal and clears out the excess oil from your skin. Remember, the face wash you are choosing shouldn’t be over drying on your skin as it might end up in giving you premature wrinkles and stretchy skin. I highly recommend Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Lemon Face Wash for moderate-oily skin and Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash for extra oily skin. Not just these two times, wash your face 2-3 more times but this time only with WATER and not your face wash. So totally, you are going to wash your face twice with a good oil clearing face wash and 2-3 times with plain cold water. This is the first step which cures 90% of your oily facial skin problem.

Scrub Twice A Week

Oily skin usually attracts more dust, dirt and other impurities from the environment. These impurities settle down and forms as a layer on the surface of your facial skin. To remove this dirt layer, one surely needs exfoliation. Oily skin types can exfoliate their facial skin twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and other impurities. Go for a good branded oil clearing scrub or make your own at home. Simply grind 2 teaspoons of oats coarsely. Combine it with some fresh Aloe gel. Your 2 minute oily skin scrub is all ready to use!

Oil Balancing Pack After Scrub

Soon after scrubbing your face, when your pores are open, you can layer your face with a calming face pack. On the other hand, this should be an oil balancing face pack too which would control excess sebum production. Use a good branded mud based face pack after scrubbing to tighten your skin and control excess oiliness. Alternatively you can use the mixture of besan and buttermilk as your natural oil balancing face pack.

Toner & Moisturizer

After washing your face, don’t skip toner anytime if you have oily skin. Tone your skin with a green tea or rose water toner and moisturizer your skin with a water-based moisturizer. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t moisture if you have oily skin. All skin types need moisturization; so go and pick a water-based, light moisturizer.

Note: Don’t worry all the time for having extra oily skin. There is a sweet news for you oily skinned damsels. Oily skin ages slower when compared to the dry ones! So chill. Follow these above ideas, prevent excess oiliness and enjoy showing your beautiful oil-free face to the word.

So, which is your favorite natural tip to get rid of oily face? Share below!


  1. seraphicgirl1986 says

    Hey! Great post!!!

    I have super oily skin n I scrub daily cause I swear it put real bad at the gym!

    Anyways, I recently bought a pore cleansing facial pad and have reviewed it on my blog- it keeps me mattified, do check my post!!!

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