Homemade Facial Kit with Kitchen Ingredients

by Chand
Facial is one of the most important skin care regime. Facial massage treatment helps blood circulation, skin elasticity, reducing age wrinkles and increase skin glow. It also retains the moisture in the skin. Facial massage is the best method to get rid of black heads and white heads.

There are so many facial kits in the market. Many kits perform well and are very efficient on the skin. Yet, there is something more efficient and worth believing in its performance on the skin. All the items from your very own kitchen shelf make into a great facial kit.

I usually follow the kitchen shelf items facial massage routine. My Facial Kit comprises of

  •         Milk
  •         Milk cream
  •         Crushed almond powder
  •         Tomato juice
  •         Few drops of honey

Done. These items are readily available at any point of time in any body’s kitchen.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Cleanse & Massage

Milk forms an excellent skin cleanser. Massage a spoon of milk on to your face for about 2 minutes and wipe it off with a wet cotton or tissue. Milk cream forms a great massage cream. The hydration it provides to the skin is excellent. I take a coin size of amount of the milk cream to massage my facial and neck. (Yes, do not forget to massage your neck as well.) Massage for about 10 minutes. [Editors Note: This process provides hydration to the skin and also cleanses the dirt, makeup residues and dust effectively]

Step 2: Scrub

My scrub is the almond powder. It is a perfect scrub granule for the skin. It is not harsh on the skin. Since it is mild scrub, scrubbing can be carried on even up to 10 minutes. But lazy, I do the scrubbing only for 5 minutes.

Step 3:  Steam

After the scrubbing I give a hot steam treatment for my face and neck. I use a vaporizer for this method. A thick towel dipped into hot water and drained can also be used for this treatment.

Step 4: Facial Pack Treatment

A pack on the face will complete the facial treatment. I usually prefer a thin layer of the face pack on my face and neck. So, I use 3 spoons of tomato juice, 3 drops of honey and quarter spoon of almond powder. If you need a thick paste, reduce the amount of tomato juice and increase the amount of almond powder. Apply evenly on face and neck and wash after the pack dries.

There….. You have saved lots of your hard earned money.

Editor’s Note: That’s a fabulous post Chand. I am surely trying this facial soon. 
So how about you girls? Leave your feedback below.


    • Lancy says

      Yes of course I think Rids unless you’re not allergic to any of these ingredients. If you have extremely oily skin type, you can skip the milk cream massage and continue with the cleansing process with your regular cleanser, then scrub and pack. A spoon of fullers earth added with the pack will do the trick to avoid excess oiliness.
      On the other hand, if you have extremely dry skin, add few drops of olive oil to the pack. :) I tried this facial myself just before and my skin feels really soft and smooth now.
      I am really going to stick to this 😀 😀 Thank you sooo much Chand

  1. Coral Crue says

    I use the almond powder paste on my face daily since two weeks, will this lighten my tan? How long do you suggest I keep it on for, Lancy :) nice post.

    • Lancy says

      Of course CC :) This post has been contributed by Chand, our guest writer. However I have tried almond paste as a pack and it worked excellently to remove tan and even out skin tone. Keep using it and wear a good sunscreen everyday! You will notice good results soon :)

      Btw.. hows life going?

    • Coral Crue says

      Hi Lancy, so nice to hear from you :) I am having the almond pack on my face right now as I type hihi. Life is going on good, It’s raining in Mangalore, how’s it going in Chennai? Have been out shopping lately? I miss Chennai. I really loved shopping there. How are you? Busy with studies?

    • Lancy says

      Face pack at night ???? 😀 Lucky you are. My mom shouts at me for this that I would catch cold.
      And No.. don’t miss chennai pls :( It’s not raining at all here. I wish I were in Mangalore. I am missing rain so much and No I am not busy with my studies 😀 Planning to give a break and get into regular blogging for sometime.. Lets take books when exams are nearing 😛
      Btw, whats your name CC 😛 ? Do you speak Tamil? I was just curious to ask ha ha..

  2. says

    Hi Lancy, nice post, its been after a long time im writing to you but read your posts daily, they are just awesome. Btw your Oil is so raved about on bloggers park, wanna try that

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