Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream Review

Ponds cold cream is such a wonderful skin moisturizer which help us to overcome this winter which takes away the natural moisture of our skin. Especially the product is really a boon to those who have dry skin. I bought this a month ago and using it everyday noting it’s advantages and disadvantages. In this post I am gonna list out it’s pros and cons and also how I am using it to protect and develop the beauty of my skin!

Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream
(10 skin nutrients + Moisturizers)
30 ml for Rs.27

What does the product claims
The product contains beauty oils which nourishes the skin from deep inside.
Natural moisturizers prevents dryness and retains moisture for a long time.

My view about Ponds Moisturizing Cold cream
As I said already it is a wonderful skin moisturizer which nourishes skin from the deep inside and retains moisture for a long time. The pack comes in a sweet and cute blue with white colored jar. The cream is smooth, thick and smells really pleasant. I use it everyday in various ways. Let me list out few here.

Skin Benefits of Ponds Moisturizing cold cream

1. Gentle Makeup Remover
Yes! We can also use this product as a gentle makeup remover which mildly removes all the makeup without leaving any residue and also leaves skin fresh and moisturized. It removes even waterproof eye liner, mascara and eye shadows. It perfectly removes any kind of foundation and blushers. After we reach home in the evening, we always feel lazy to remove the makeup and wash our face, then moisturize. No need to worry! Just take a little amount of ponds cold cream and apply it gently over your face, neck and the areas around eyes. Leave it for 2 minutes and gently wipe off with a soft cotton cloth. This process not only removes your makeup and dirt, it also leaves your skin soft, clean and nourished.

2. Foot Softener (Prevents and cures cracks)
Every night I wash my feet and massage it with this smooth cold cream. This makes my feet soft and beautiful. This process also nourishes my feet nails and avoids breakage. I recommend everyone to nourish your feet with this cream every night and also after your pedicure. You would be amazed to see your soft and beautiful looking feet every morning if you use ponds cold cream every night!

3.Dry skin winter body lotion
In winter, our body skin is dry and rough due to the lose of moisture. Even my skin feels tight and dry, especially after every bath. I started using this cold cream as a body skin nourishing cream and it gives excellent results. It made my skin baby soft and smooth. I felt that this cream is little bit greasy, so I mixed up little rose water to it and used as a body lotion and also used over my face! I recommend everyone to try this. It smells pleasant, moisturizes your skin and gives you a fresh feel.

Before Applying Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream

After Applying Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream

As you see in the above pictures, this cream made my skin feel and look much greasy. (I added few drops of rose water to it to thin the consistency and avoid greasy feel). So, this product might not suit very oily skinned people. So remember oily skinned people “You should not use it over your facial skin”. But you can surely use this as a winter body lotion to prevent dryness. It’s my best moisturizer ever!

  • Very effectively moisturizes skin which even moisturizers extremely dry skin well.
  • Affordable for good worth
  • Acts as a multipurpose cream which can be used as a makeup remover, moisturizer and Cracked foot cream.
  • Can be used as an excellent skin cleanser. It cleanses out dirt and impurities well.
  • Gives an healthy complexion with regular use.
  • Easy to carry and easily available in supermarkets and shops.
  • Makes skin baby soft with regular usage.

  • Skin feels really greasy if applied even a bit much. Not suitable for oily skins. I think the product can’t be used in winter except the dry skinned people.
  • The product comes in a jar and hence you should put your hands into it every time you use it. This may be clumsy and also makes cream messy if your hands are unclean.
I really cannot find anymore cons in it! It’s such a wonderful product and I love it. It’s my best winter friend which protects and nourishes my skin. I recommend everyone to take a try!

My Rating : 4.5/5 (.5 minus for the greasy feel and jar package)


  1. Lancy says

    Thank you Sadeq :) I am sorry.. I was not well for past few days. That’s why couldn’t post and reply for your messages :( Forgive me.

  2. Anonymous says

    oh no, don’t say that please :) no problem. well i really wish you be okay. just please whenever you are free write me on facebook. i need talk to you, thanks.

    SadeQ !

  3. mira says

    hi! great review, but actually it works great for OILY SKIN! the concept is that oil dissolves oil… so the mineral oil will help the skin get rid of oil and ACNE! I have completely gotten rid of my acne and hyper pigmentation by cleansing with ponds and my Clarisonic at night time, and then use a toner, and acne medication (benzoyl peroxide/salycilic acid), and then a little bit of argan oil! afterwards, apply ponds before you go to sleep, and don’t rinse it off! hope this helps anyone :)

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