Home Remedies for Strong and Shiny Nails

Like our skin, our nails also need extra nourishment in winter to get rid of chipping and breaking. Our nails break in winter due to extra moisture loss. To prevent this we at least need to moisturize them twice a day. How long your nails may be, they aren’t really beautiful if they’re dry and chipped. Note down the following natural and simple beauty tips for your nails and protect their beauty in this winter!

Vaseline not only moisturizes your skin and lips, it can also be used to protect your nails from excess moisture loss in winter. Just take a bit of Vaseline, apply it over your nails and massage them for a minute to see an instant healthy shine :) This make take just a minute but the results are great and makes you a nail beauty! Do this twice a day, once after bath and the other before going to bed at night. This procedure gradually strengthens your nails and make them look fuller with a beautiful shine.

Milk is a natural ingredient which can act as a good cleanser and also a good nourishing tonic. Prepare a nail soak with milk to cleanse dirt from your nails and strengthen them. Take a small bowl and fill it with milk, soak your nails for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off with clean and cold water. A main thing I want to remind you all is that moisturize your nails with Vaseline or any baby oil soon after you work in water. It will prevent nails from weakening and cracking.
I have a little suggestion for you all! :) I always use Himalaya Lip Balm as a nourishing nail balm too. I also apply it over my nails and massage it. It gives an instant shine and also helps my nail grow long and beautiful without any cracks. Do this after every bath and every night before going to bed for best results.


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