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Lotus Herbals Papayablem Papaya-n-Saffron Anti-Blemish Creme Review

Blemished skin is one problem that women with acne face drastically. I do not have major acne but I get few tiny pimples, which go very soon, but leave behind their mark, the ugly blemish! No one likes blemish on the skin! I never thought of trying a product to solve this problem of blemish. But this time I gave a try to Lotus Herbals Papayablem.

The creme promises to fade the blemish in just 2 weeks! Companies do claim many things, but I was still wondering how this is going to fade the blemish, that too in just 2 weeks!

Price: Rs 395 for 50 g; Buy : Amazon.in

lotus herbals papayablem creme

My Experience

The product comes in a frosted glass jar which is quite pretty. It has a cream colored plastic lid with golden detailing in it. The bottom of the glass jar shows the details about the product. I like the packaging for the fact that it’s which neat. This product is not travel-friendly because there is always a chance of it breaking! Otherwise, it is quite likable.

As soon as I open the jar, I fall for the sweet smell of this cream! I don’t know to explain the exact smell, but it does not smell bad! Coming to the formula inside, it is very creamy in texture. The formula is not at all thick and it spreads really fast into the skin. It gives a very hydrated feeling to the skin deep inside and it is not at all oily. The cream has a very bright yellow color with completely disappears as soon as it gets absorbed into the skin. Post application the skin feels smooth and supple!

I have used it at night before going to bed. I apply this creme only to the targeted blemished areas. To test the efficiency of the product, I used it continuously for 2 weeks and I did not find any visible results. But after one month of usage, the texture of the skin improved incredibly. Also, I noticed that the blemish started to fade slowly. The 2 weeks tag is not at all true! But I must day that this product works if you give it time!

lotus herbals papayablem cream


Rating : 4/5

This product is a bit expensive for the quantity inside but I find that only a small quantum is required to be used in the targeted areas. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to remove blemishes, to get a smooth skin, but remember you need to have patience!


  1. Lotus is well known for its veg cosmetic products. Natural products take some time to wor amazingly, so considering the one month time it took, it’s really impressive!

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