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Godrej Nupur Henna Powder Review

Hi girls!

There was a time in which I used to care for my hair so much. I made it a point to wear henna on my hair at least once in six months. And that was the only time where my hair behaved so appropriate!

I know each of us has a story of how thick or long our hair was and how beautifully we were carrying it like a crown! As we grew, we spent less time to care for and it all starts diminishing! Obviously henna is some great help that we can do to our hair.

It was my mom who bought this product from a supermarket. And it was then I realized it was high time that I get back to my hair routines. I am having some issues with dandruff on my scalp which comes and goes as frequent as it wills.

I usually henna my hair after getting pure henna powder from shops and then mixing it with egg, black tea etc. This is the first time I am trying it out a ready made henna mix!

godrej nupur henna powder

My Experience

Godrej Nupur Henna comes in a plastic bag! So once you cut it and don’t plan to use the whole batch, you will have to find a tub to move the contents and store it from moisture. The content is green in color and the texture of the powder is very fine. I took the same measure of water as mentioned on the pack and mixed it with the powder to create a fine paste. It was a slippery kind of mixture. We have to set aside this mixture for 2-3 hours. Though I used the right quantity of water as mentioned on the pack, I felt the final consistency was too thin that it really made a mess once I used it for my hair. It was dripping everywhere possible and even though I tried using a plastic cap, there was still no help.

N.B: Add water little by little to the powder, stir, make a fine paste without any lumps and then add more water as necessary. I added all the water at one go and I had to use my hands in the end which gave me the ‘orange’ hands in next 15 minutes. So be careful there.

I left it for half an hour before washing it out. Washing it off was a bit difficult job as you know. You got to use more and more and more of water to get the last trace away. The water going off was in an unusually dark orange in color. I am not sure if it is because of the other ingredients in the pack, or if it has anything artificial! (Sorry, but I always doubt the authenticity of those products which claims to be 100% natural) Once washed off, my hair was a bit dry (always oil your hair a bit before using henna). But at the same time, I felt it too dense (an increase in volume) which might be because of the buildups which went out of the way I suppose! It didn’t give me that nice black color after doing henna to your hair. So, the conditioning effects are not naturally up to the mark. One thing I liked about it is that is so pocket-friendly and you get the benefits of not just the henna leaves but the other potent ingredients.

Price : Rs.55 for 130 gms

Rating : 3/5

Though I highly suggest you to prepare the henna by yourself so that you can be sure about its purity, one can go for this if you do not have sufficient time to pamper your hair.


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