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Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Normal Skin Review

Hey beautiful ladies!

Today I shall be reviewing the Veet Full Body Waxing Kit formulated for Normal Skin, which is the first wax strip that I ever tried. Indian Market had cold wax and hot wax, but not wax strips while I was in school! I had soft, manageable hair on my arms and legs, but I liked the clean, hairless skin better! So I was always bothered about my body hair, especially when I wore short skirts!

Initially I used to do shave or use hair removing creams. All that worked, but shaving gave me nicks and cuts, while hair removing creams caused me skin darkening! So I stopped using any hair removal creams on my skin since then. Obviously shaving was not the perfect option to remove hair (at least for me), because my hair used to grow back the very next day!

That was the time when I spotted the television commercial of Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips. Before the launch of this product, waxing was a tedious process because first of all you have to apply the wax, then cover it with a strip and later press and pull. And after all this, only patches of hair were removed, hence the results were very disappointing. Without further waiting, I grabbed this product from my local supermarket!

veet full body waxing kit normal skin

My Views

The product comes in a neat pink color cardboard box packaging. These are ready to use wax strips which means there is no mess! The pink color makes it look so girly! These wax strips work even on short hair, making it highly efficient. The wax strips are really long, almost 15 cm to be precise! One strip has two sides that I can use. Also one side can be used as long as the wax strip retains the stickiness (How cool is that!). It smells like berries, which makes me literally eat the product!

I exfoliate my skin with a scrub before starting the process of waxing. Then I wait until my skin is dry. I also apply a little amount of baby powder onto my skin to eliminate any moisture on the skin. This makes waxing easy. I rub the wax strip between my hands to separate it. After peeling the strips apart, I gently place it onto my skin. I rub over the strip, in the direction of my hair growth. I hold my skin taut and then pull the strip in the opposite direction of my hair growth. There is a little amount of pain in this process, but I can completely handle it!

After I finish off this process, I wipe my skin with the Perfect Finish wipes to get rid of any excess wax. I end up with smooth and soft legs afterwards! I use this mainly on my legs. Six wax strips cover my entire legs, which means I still have enough product for the next use. It takes me about half an hour to do waxing on both my legs. The results are quite amazing! My skin feels soft and hair free.

Price : Rs 150 for 20 wax strips; Buy :

Rating : 4.5/5

Waxing is so far the best option of hair removal after shaving and this full body waxing kit from Veet makes the task much easier! The effect stays up to one month, which is so cool. I simply love this product.


  1. Excellent and detailed review dear Aiswariya..Once I applied Veet hair removal cream on my arms and it left me a deep burn scar..afterwards I stopped buying Veet..but I would like to use these..😊😊

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