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Khadi Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

Hello lovelies!

How are you all doing? Today I’ll be reviewing a very versatile essential oil – Tea tree oil from a well known Indian brand Khadi. I got acquainted with this oil and its properties when I was suffering from severe nasal congestion and cold because of my allergy. Since then it’s been 7 years I haven’t stopped using it and I use it in various ways as well.

Tea tree oil has antiviral, antiseptic, antibiotic, anti fungal and stimulant properties, hence it has multiple uses and benefits. This makes it popular for hair, skin care and aromatherapy as well. Now read on to know my experience with it and how I use this oil!!

khadi tea tree essential oil

My Views

The product packaging is pretty basic. It comes in a tiny dark glass bottle with white screw cap. There are two nozzles – big and small, attached to it. They are probably there to control the amount of oil dispensing but I didn’t find them useful or convenient. The packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly. It is available in 10 ml and 15 ml bottles. Currently I am using the latter one!

Recently Khadi has changed its packaging and labeling. Earlier it used to have a medicinal look but now it has classy, elegant labeling and it comes with a dropper which is way more convenient than nozzles. As soon as I’ll finish with my old bottle, I’ll grab the new one!

Coming to the product – it is transparent and non-sticky. Its texture is thin and it gets absorbed very easily, so it is light on the skin. It has a very strong smell. As soon as you open the cap you can notice it. But it doesn’t last for more than a few seconds. For some people, the scent can be an issue!

I started using it for my allergy. Whenever there is even a slight variation in temperature or weather I suffer from severe sneezes and cold. And if not attended immediately, it turns into fever and throat infection. I suffered from it frequently and for years. I used it in following way –

Mix 2 drops of the tea tree essential oil in a big bowl of boiling hot water (use wide mouth vessel). Then cover face and bowl with big towel and take steam. I used to take steam for 5-15 minutes every day and it proved to be a good remedy for me. Since then I use it every time I catch a cold!

khadi tea tree essential oil

These are the other ways to use the oil –

P.S : People with sensitive skin should dilute it before application. Do not use it directly, as it can tend to irritate your skin. Do not use during pregnancy as well!

  • For acne : Take a drop or two in a cotton bud and apply the oil directly on acne or pimples. I usually do this at night time. Since its very strong oil, it is natural for it to sting for a minute, if applied directly. But if you have sensitive skin then mix it with rose water. It dries acne without any scarring.
  • Add a few drops of oil in bathing water to get rid of sores, back acne or any fungal and bacterial infection.
  • To prevent waxing rashes : Mix few drops in aloe vera gel and apply it on your skin.
  • Once or twice in a week, mix a drop or two in night cream before application. It can be used daily, if you suffer from severe acne! It works really well to control acne/pimple eruptions.
  • For dandruff or scalp infection : Mix a couple of drops with any carrier oil (Eg. coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil etc.) before oiling your scalp.
  • Face mask : Mix few drops of oil with rose water and fuller’s earth (or multani mitti) and apply the pack on face and neck. Wash off when it dries. It will sooth, heal and cure acne prone skin like a magic. It also hydrates the skin.
  • Muscle aches and pains – Mix few drops of the oil with your regular massage oil and enjoy the soothing effect.

There are many more uses of it but these are the ways in which I have used it or have seen people using it with effective results!


Price : Rs. 350 for 15 ml; Buy :

Rating : 5/5

Overall, I am very happy and impressed with this tea tree essential oil from Khadi. It might sound a bit pricey but it lasts really long. This small bottle lasts me for months even when I use it daily. So literally it’s worth every penny!

This oil is so versatile that everybody in the house can benefit from it. I couldn’t find any con for it but if I have to say then smell can be an issue for some people. Other than that, it’s an amazing product to have in your personal care kit. If you have tried it or used it in any other way, do share with me on the comment section below!


    1. You can easily find it at any khaki outlet or online. If you still can’t find it then let me know….I’ll send you the link ☺

  1. Tree tea oil is such a boon for acne skin. I use it all the time in my DIY face packs 🙂
    I’m using the one from Aroma Treasures now. Should check this one once that gets over.

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