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My 5 Year Old Daughter’s Hair Journey with MABH Hair Oil : Photos and Hair Regime

Hello everyone!

Today I am here to share the hair care routine I follow for my 5 something old girl who is a big fan of Lancy. You can find her taking an interest in hair talks even in her kindergarten age. Her dream – to get beautiful and long hair like Lancy! 🙂

I myself was never very serious and concerned about my hair until I found Lancy’s blog and won my first bottle in a contest announced by her. (Where people share their ‘hair story‘) And you bet me the hair oil actually is magical. My friends too noticed a bounce in my hair and even talked about the density of my braid. Talking about hair growth it is not that fast, reasons known to me mostly hereditary. But overall my hair fall stopped to minimal, texture of hair improved a lot with loads of visible shine. What else do you need?

Since I had already used two bottles of this magic treatment oil, I thought of using the same for my daughter. Of course you can’t experiment on kids. Since the results were quite evident with me using the same I thought of using it for my daughter as well. So I took advice from Lancy if I can use the oil for my girl. She said yes! And Bingo!

5 year old girl's hair

My Daughter’s Hair care routine:

1. Washing hair thrice a week : I wash my daughter’s hair three times a week. She has those luscious curls. I love them. I wash her hair and let them dry completely and then comb her hair with wide tooth comb to detangle hair. The texture is not that silky so I use hair oil for massage a day before.

2. MABH hair oil :  I use MABH fast growth hair oil thrice a week for her. Warm it a little bit and then apply on her scalp and gently massage her hair n scalp. She for sure sleeps well the days I give her a head massage. The following morning I wash her head with luke warm water with a baby shampoo.

3. Baby Shampoo :  I preferably use baby hair shampoo for my daughter which also has a conditioner. It is always best for use mild shampoos for kids as they have very delicate skin read somewhere that the adult shampoos contain some harsh chemicals which are not recommended for kids and can create dryness on kids’ scalp. I use mothercare shampoo and conditioner (two in one). I prefer this one because its dermatologically tested with no tears formula.

4. Sunday’s Hair Treatment :  My mother used to do it for me so even I do the same. I take 2 tbsp of curd+ 2 tbsp of MABH hair oil + 1 tbsp of castor oil and apply on her head 1 hour before washing hair. This pack nourishes her hair and after wash leaves a soft smooth hair.

5. In case if I am not using curd+oil pack I use freshly extracted coconut milk and apply on her head for an hour before head bath. Coconut milk enhances hair growth. This tip was given to me by my friend. (Editor’s note: You can also read Lancy’s coconut milk hair pack recipe that gives instant shiny hair)

mabh hair oil


Other Tips:

1. When I apply hair oil I make braids on each side to avoid tangles.

2. I use a wide tooth comb for her.

3. I make sure she wears a hat/cap to protect her hair and delicate scalp from dust and pollution.

4. I use hair clips and hair ties and neatly tie back her hair (can be single pony or two). But I make sure I don’t tie her hair too tightly.

5. After head bath I don’t dry her hair vigorously when towel drying. I pat dry it gently.

6. I ensure I give her proteins in form of eggs and chicken for healthy skin and hair as well.

Last but not the least I pamper her with all my love and care! 🙂

Why MABH?:

Well after using two bottles of this oil I am quite confident about using this one. The results are evident and have been noticed by people. Hairfall is reduced, texture got smooth. As I told I have started using it for my daughter as well. Overall, though a bit pricey it is a much satisfactory oil to use which is completely herbal and tested, with visible results.

Hope all the mothers out there found these tips helpful. Take care, keep loving and pampering your little ones! 🙂


    1. Sure lancy will be posting the updates:) shez very particular about oiling her hair n u bet me she wont leave me until she gets a good hair length:)

  1. Where can I get this in the Philippines? My hair has always been a struggle to grow, since it’s always damaged from frequent hair treatments.

    My natural hair is curly, just like your daughter! 🙂 However, when I became a teenager and was more self-conscious about my looks, I decided to have it chemically straightened. Biggest regret of my life! Now, my hair breaks all the time and I can’t get it to grow to the length that I want to. 🙁

    You have an amazing blog! <3 I'm a new follower!

  2. Hi Lancy,

    I want to grow my hair faster as i have my wedding after 2 months, please tell how much hair growth is possible in 2 months with this hair oil?

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