Venetha’s Hair Care Story, Routine, Product Suggestions and Photos

Hi girls,

Who doesn’t envy lovely thick flowing tresses? Well, I for one have not wanted really long hair, but I’ve wished for thick hair. My hair is of medium thickness and I love it but the one problem I face is that it appears scanty on the scalp.

Before, I was a happy kid with short straight silky smooth hair and no worries. I used to oil everyday with plain coconut oil and plait my short hair. During weekends, my mom made sure that my hair was treated with mustard oil before she washed my hair with homemade shikakai powder mix. I used to hate Shikakai powder and later enjoyed the luxury of shampoos even though I never missed the oiling routine. Sometimes, I also used homemade herbal hair oil that had hibiscus, fenugreek, curry leaves, etc. During my teens, I once tried Arappu powder (similar to shikakai) that is common in Tamilnadu. Although this is a Holy Grail product for many women here, I got dandruff after using it twice. So I avoided it totally, but the dandruff stayed with me forever. As if that weren’t enough, I started losing loads of hair in the years to come.

When I left school, along with so many things, I left my oiling routine behind. Since I had an oily scalp by nature, I thought why I should oil my hair separately when it is secreting so much oil by itself. So just when I thought things couldn’t get worse :struggle: my silky smooth hair became dry and frizzy. That sounds quite a mess right! Unfortunately, this is what I had to deal with. The worst part is I didn’t even care about anything until a year ago πŸ˜›

After references from beauty columns in newspapers and of course the internet, I tried lots of remedies in the past year or so and found a few that seemed to work well for me. I won’t say that I have achieved the feat. But the progress is noticeable and good for me and so I will share it with you all.

My Hair:


my hair

Natural remedies in my hair care routine:

1. When I realized I had to take action, the first thing I did was to resume using hair oil. I use mustard oil and coconut oil before I washed my hair, one each time. Mustard oil helps to cool down the body and coconut oil hydrates the hair like nobody’s business. I wash my hair every two days in order to keep my scalp oil and grime free.

2. Half an hour before hair wash, I slice a lemon and rub it nicely on the scalp. Not just the juice but the lemon itself. What this does is that it acts on the dandruff and removes the flakes. My scalp would feel a little bit irritated because of the acidic content. After wash I love the clean and fresh effect.

3. Once a month, I use a mask of egg white on the hair and scalp. This too helps with dandruff and makes my hair shiny and glossy. Egg white doesn’t smell at all, trust me; otherwise I wouldn’t have even tried it.

4. I use lemon water as a last rinse. This controls oil and gives a nice bounce to the hair.

5. I eat a handful of dates everyday just to boost the iron content in my diet.

coconut oi, egg and lemon

Products that I use:

1. Currently I am using Meera hair fall care shampoo with shikakai & badam. This controls hair fall to an extent so I am content using it.

2. The conditioner that I use is Revlon outrageous color protection conditioner. This tames my frizzy dry hair well.

3. I am using the Himalaya anti hair fall oil for the past month and I must say that it is a really good product. I am losing lesser strands of hair these days.

4. Livon silky potion is the serum I use occasionally to detangle my hair when it gets out of control.

5. To control dandruff, I used Nizrol anti dandruff lotion thrice a week during hair wash for two months. Later I reduced it to once a week for one month. I used this upon the advice of my mother who is a doctor. The product worked well but it makes the hair extremely dry. So one has to use it on the scalp alone.

6. I take Biotin capsules 10 mg every day. Biotin helps to strengthen the hair follicles and stimulates growth. The results are slow but sure.

biotin pills for hair

products I use

General tips that I follow:

1. I never use hot tools or hair dryer. Always let your hair air dry naturally. You will love it. And I dare not comb my hair when it is wet.

2. Conditioner is only for the hair. I don’t apply it on my scalp even by mistake since it leads to dandruff.

3. I always cover my hair while travelling. Otherwise it would be a hay stack at the end of the ride.

4. I shift my hair parting once every few days. Parting the hair in the same place will eventually make it bigger as the hair is tugged in the same direction every time. That way my scalp won’t be seen too much.

5. Detangling hair from bottom to top will reduce the hair that is lost during the process.


What I would like to try:

1. My mom always insists me to take Amla in the form of juice, pickles or as such. Though I know it is good for the hair, I just can’t get myself into that practice.

2. Eliminate using chemical based products and try using natural products totally.


Why do I wish to try the MABH hair oil?

Lancy’s wonder oil is making rounds and getting positive reviews not just from a few, but every single person that has tried it. Being a completely natural product, it will definitely suit everyone. I want thicker hair that is soft and nourished – hair fall and dandruff free. I would like to try it and see if my hair issue story comes to an end. After reading Lancy’s hair growth journey, every last person in the world would want to use MABH oil and so do I!


  1. Nice says

    Oh my!! That ISbeautiful hair. That’s what I am loooking at a few months from now for my own hair…. I just wish it’ll look as healthy as that :-/

  2. Nice says

    Hey Venetha you can try amla in honey like I do. It does not taste bad at all. I have mentioned this in my hair story.

    • Venetha says

      You will get gorgeous hair very soon for all the efforts u r taking :) ll definitely try consuming amla that way thanks Nice !

    • Venetha says

      Thanks dear :blush: but i can never resist my temptation to get my hair cut every few months.. How u manage such long hair of urs is beyond me πŸ˜›
      And thanks for the hair oil too

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