The Body Shop Honeymania Range – Products and Prices

Hey everyone!

The Body Shop has launched their new Honeymania Range few days ago. The range now comes to India to excite honey lovers here! Let’s read more about the products and prices.

The Body Shop Honeymania Range

Honey in Cosmetics? Why Honeymania?:

Honey is a nature’s secret. It is prized for its delicious taste and its ability to soften and smoothen skin. Honey acts as a great moisturizer. The Body Shop Honeymania range consists of honey from Ethiopian Rainforest! It is extracted from ripest honey combs, ensuring the quality and taste.

The Body Shop Honeymania range promises to launch amazing products in golden honey color with absolutely no-sticky texture! :) The body butter will just melt into your skin and provide 24 hour moisture.

Shall we move on to the product list and their prices?

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The Body Shop Honeymania Range of Products and Prices:

Lip Balm Rs. 300 – This sweet balm melts in straight away for kissable, moisturised lips. Apply then pucker up!

Soap Rs. 250 – Our scented soap gently cleanses to leave skin feeling refreshed. We love the cute honeycomb design embellished with an adorable bee.

Toilette Rs. 895 – Crazy about our Honeymania™ beguiling fragrance?
Spritz the Eau de Toilette onto pulse points for a burst of concentrated honey scent.

Body Butter Rs. 995 –  Our luxurious, rich Body Butter delivers 24 hours of hydration. Massage in, to leave skin lightly scented and feeling sensationally soft and smooth all over. Each pot contains honey made from the nectar of thousands of flowers!

Shower Gel Rs. 450 -Drizzle on and lather up a little luxury with our fragrant Shower Gel that leaves your body cleansed and subtly scented. Soap-free, it won’t dry out skin.

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Body Scrub Rs. 1195 – You’ll love our rich exfoliating scrub that leaves skin feeling velvety soft and super-smooth


My Views:

I guess I will be giving 2-3 products from the range a try very soon :) I am a huge honey lover and can’t wait to try the shower gel, body scrub, body butter.. ummm.. include the lip balm too!

So what are you going to buy from this newly launched Honeymania Range of The Body Shop cosmetics? Share your views and comments below honeybees!


  1. Nice says

    TBS sure has great stuff but I find them too pricey. In my opinion one can definitely get similar products in a much more affordable price range!

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