Natural Beauty Tips for Different Skin Types

Natural beauty tips are used since centuries in India and today also it has been gaining importance. The reason behind the popularity of homemade beauty recipes is using the natural and highly beneficial ingredients that benefit our skin without causing any side effects. These beauty tips have no match and the best of best cream also cannot match the benefits of natural beauty tips. Today I will be sharing some natural tips and homemade recipes with you from my skin care routine.

natural beauty tips for different skin types


Cleaning skin daily is a very important step as clean skin can reduce many skin problems. If you are looking for a chemical free cleanser then use ‘unboiled milk’. Yes, unboiled milk is a very good and effective cleanser. Dip cotton in the milk and wipe off your face with it. It deep cleanses skin without leaving any dirt residue behind. I have been using it since long and I am the live example of it working amazingly.

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Toners are made from alcohol and they are used to maintain the pH level of skin. If you’re looking for alcohol free toners then try the following homemade skin toners:

Oily Skin: Take some neem leaves and clean them completely. Now boil them in half cup water and close the lid. After 10 minutes, turn off the flame and let it cool. After 20-30 minutes, separate the water in a clean spray bottle. Use this toner everyday as it will restore your skin’s natural pH balance and neem will also prevent acne formation.

Normal skin: Take one apple, remove it’s skin and extracts it’s juice either by passing it through juicer or blending it with a blender. Now add 1 tbsp of honey in it and store it in a clean spray bottle.

Dry Skin: Boil one cup of mint leaves in two cups of water for 10 minutes, let it cool down. After 30 minutes, separate the leaves and store the water in a clean spray bottle. Now, add half tbsp of alum in the bottle which you’ve stored. Use this toner daily for your dry skin.



Moisturizer is really important for all skin tones whether you have dry or oily skin.

Oily Skin: If you’ve oily skin then use pure aloe vera gel for moisturizing your skin. This will not only keep your skin hydrated but will also remove pigmentation and scars.

Normal Skin: Take half cup coconut oil, 3-4 vitamin E tablets, some drops of lavender oil and mix these ingredients with a mixer to make a creamy paste. Use it daily in the morning and follow with sunscreen as it contains vitamin E. This homemade moisturizer will give you hydrated skin and vitamin E will reduce scars, tan and pigmented skin. You can store it for 10-15 days in refrigerator.

Dry Skin: Take 1 tbsp milk cream or malai and mix it with rose water. Also add few drops of glycerin in it. This will make your skin hydrated and moisturized for long hours.


Face Packs for Glowing Skin:

Oily Skin: Mix sandalwood powder with orange juice and make a paste. Also add a pinch of turmeric and apply this paste on face for 15-20 minutes. This pack will give you instant glowing skin and regular usage will also make your skin clear and tan free.

Normal Skin: Take 1tbsp milk powder and mix it with 2 tbsp lavender oil. Now, add rose water to make a thick mixture. Apply this face pack on face for 20 minutes and then was off with plain water. Lavender oil will moisturize your skin and will also help in reducing blemishes.

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Dry Skin: Take 1 tbsp of almond oil, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 mashed banana and 2-3 drops of glycerin. Make a thick paste and then apply on face. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash off. This face pack will nourish your skin, reduce dry patches and will give you glowing skin.


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