My 18 Months Hair Growth Update {Before and After Pictures}

Here comes the most awaited post! – My 18 month hair growth update! :)

Previously I made a post on my one hear hair growth journey with before and after pictures. After getting a huge response, here’s my 18th month update. It has been 6 months since I published the previous post.

My Hair today! :)

18 month hair growth update


This is my hair before 6 months (On June 2013)


Changes in my hair:

  • My hair¬†turned more silkier than before :) and I love it!
  • I usually use shikakai powder to wash my hair; but for the last 3 months, I have included some herbs to it and it definitely made a change on my hair!
  • My hair looks more healthier now as I haven’t exposed it to sunlight for the last few months.


Changes in lifestyle that helped my hair growth:

  • My diet hasn’t changed. I still follow my egg white routine. And I eat a lot of veggies and soya beans. It helps my hair growth!
  • Coming to the biotin intake, I haven’t been very regular to be frank. I stopped taking biotin due to laziness.. bad me! Need to start taking biotin regularly hereafter as I am aiming for knee length hair!
  • I started sleeping well! Good night sleep is a must if you want your hair to grow longer. Stress, tiredness and improper sleeping routine causes hair fall.
  • I use our hair growth oil at least twice in a week! Getting good reviews on that :) You can buy and try it if you want long and thick hair naturally.

Read more about our homemade fast growth hair oil HERE

And about its ingredients HERE and usage instructions HERE¬†(I have included some of my own hair care tips in this post! Don’t miss it!)

Hope you enjoyed the post! :) Kindly share your comments below!

P.S: I haven’t trimmed my hair for the past 6 months as the oil helps me stay out of split ends. However, before next update I may trim my ends to give shape to the hair! Next update will be done on June or July. Take care everybody!



  1. Mansi says

    Omg…. this is wow lancy.. your hair definitely looks more silky in the pik itself. I think i should start following the steps.. :(

  2. Eva says

    Hi Lancy,
    I just found out about your blog. Im planning to buy your oil. Would you be considering to start selling shikakai wash with your herbs mixed? Its very hard to find pue organic plants here in north Europe. We dont have shikakai powder here :(
    I have a few more questions, if you dont mind.
    Does shikakai powder can stain or colour the hair, i have dark ash blond hair?
    Do you use it like a shampoo? For how long do you leave it in you hair?

    • says

      Hi Eva,

      Thanks for your interest. I will definitely let you know if in case we start selling shikakai powder in future.

      And for your questions..

      1. No. Shikakai doesn’t stain hair at all :)

      2. For 3-5 minutes after application and massage.

      Do mail me for more queries! Take care.

  3. Arpita Sharma says

    Superrrr Hair Lancy!!! All your efforts are quite visible in before and after pics.. Awesome i must say:-)

  4. eva says

    Does your MABH oil contains bay and basil too
    its very important, because i dont know ifi should add it to mabh oil or it already has it

  5. Anamika says

    Hi, Lancy, can I & my 5 yrs old daughter use this oil? We both have shoulder length hair. How many files &time it will take to see the result?

  6. jeyanthi says

    hi,i am really impressed with this hair oil.i want to order 30 much is your best price? anyway i am from malaysia

  7. Rak15 says

    Hi Lancy

    Please let me know if this oil is effective is regrowth of the hairs which I have lost due to male pattern baldness , mostly
    in my frontal areas . If you could help me with your expert advice , then my eagerness to use this product will be sky high


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