Top 5 Tips to Prevent Nails from Chipping

Hello everyone!

Every woman wishes for long and really strong fingernails because they are no less important than any costly chic handbag or attire accessory. Any nail color applied to the long nails can really enhance the beauty of your fingers a tenfold and thus strong and long nails are indeed the envy of any woman.

But unfortunately all are not blessed with the golden opportunity of maintaining their nail growth because their nails weaken after a point of time and start chipping or breaking off.

This is really quite disheartening for a beauty conscious woman who wants to keep herself tip top from head to foot. If you have recently met with the problem of nail chipping, then worry not because I’ll suggest you some tips and remedies by which you can grow your nails really long and strong once more and beautify them with your fondest nail colors so that people marvel at your beautiful nails.

 1. Every morning you might be using variety of dishwashers to cleanse or rinse your dirty, lipped dishes. Those definitely leave your dishes spotless but can be one of the culprits behind the weakening and chipping of nails. So what you should do is use a pair of hand gloves while rinsing your dishes or wiping your kitchen counter tops. Please don’t be lazy to follow this advice. It takes just a few seconds to put on the hand gloves but it can prove really effective in saving those beautiful long nails of yours from getting preyed by the dishwasher.

2. Another wondrous tip could be painting the inner tip of your nail with some good quality clear polish on an interval of every 4 to 5 days. This tip has worked for me amazingly making my nails long and sturdy like never before.

3. Often in course of the entire day there are many occasions when you simply sit idle and get lost in your day dreams. Well, you can utilize that time for some effective nail strengthening exercises. It’s simple yet fruitful! We all know some bit of massaging and it doesn’t at all require any expertise. Gently massage the nail beds that you have in circular motion. This will increase blood circulation in the nails, fostering nail growth and nail health.

4. I really am grateful to my best friend who shared with me her nail care tip and I really benefited a lot from it. Today I would like to share it with you all so that all lovely ladies out there can reap its benefit. Make it a daily routine to soak your nails in pure olive oil for at least 15 minutes. Do this regularly for one month and get nails which you had longed for since many years!

5. Calcium is a vital nail strengthening mineral. Even if you don’t like the taste of yogurt and milk you must include plenty of yogurt and milk in diet because they are the richest source of calcium. You can add some exciting flavorful mixes to your yogurt or milk to make some interesting shakes. That’ll at least motivate you to take those drinks and give you your necessary dose of nail strengthening calcium.

Just follow the above tips zealously and you’ll very soon feel the difference for yourself! :)


  1. Lancy says

    Welcome to MABH! :)

    And Thank you so much for this post Moupee! I am going the try the olive oil soak and clear coat tips. I badly wanted some really working tips like these to grow my brittle nails.

  2. Venetha says

    Wow Moupee :) this is a great article.. I really suffer from nail chipping on my toes.. Will try incorporating these ideas..

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