Eye Makeup to Wear With Blue Outfit ~ Photo Tutorial

Hello everyone!
Blue is one beautiful color for an outfit to wear anytime of the year. Isn’t it? A bright blue dress with some amazing makeup on your face will perk up your appearance. Agree? So today, I am going to share with you all the eye makeup I done to match my blue outfit. Be it navy blue, a royal blue or light blue.. this eye makeup will suit any kind of your blue dress beautifully!

Tips for Wearing Eye Makeup with Blue Dress:

Before starting the tutorial, I would like to share some tips while doing eye makeup to pair with your blue dress/costume.

1. Never go for ‘all blue’. It will make you look very tacky. If you wear a blue colored dress, use can use a blue eyeliner and a bit of blue shade. But don’t use only the blue ‘eyeshadow’. Make your eye makeup look a bit more warm using neutral and brown shades.

2. From my experience, black eyeliners stay for a long time than colored ones. I doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add colors to your makeup! But it just means, give a black lining before putting on the colored liner on top of it. This way, the shade shows up really well and moreover, it stays longer. Keep in mind, wearing a black eyeliner with sheer or light toned eyeliners will do no good. If you wear blue, wear black first. It shows up really well and this tutorial is a proof.

3. Unless you are going to play a show in circus, don’t use bright neon or orange eyeshadows with blue color dress! It might make you look all made up. If your blue saree or lehenga has orange in it, no wrong you can add some orange in your look (in a subtle way though) but if in case you are wearing casuals, avoid hard-to-carry shades with blue.

Products Used:

  • MUA Eye shadow Palette Poptastic
  • MUA Waterproof Black Eyeliner
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Quad
  • MUA Black Mascara
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Le Khol Portofino Blue

How to Wear Eye Makeup for Blue Dress?:

1. Cleanse and prime your eyelids. Apply an eye concealer and set it with some loose powder. Give a wash of your favorite neutral shade. If it is going to be a festive look, golden eyeshadow will work too. Neutrals work best with any outfit and that is the reason why I love neutral eyeshadow very much.

2. Using an angular brush, apply some chocolate brown eyeshadow on your crease line. Listen, only a bit you should apply- not to the level that you do for a brown smokey eye look. Blend it well.

3. Now apply some blue eyeshadow (either dark or light) from the outer corner of your eye to the middle of your crease line. Blend it well with an eyeshadow brush.

4. Put on your black eyeliner now. Make sure the line is neither too thin nor too thick. Allow the black eyeliner to dry.

5. Wear kajal on your waterline evenly.

6. Make sure you have blended all the shades properly. In this eye makeup look, neutral and blue dominates. You can just find a hint of brown.

7. Coat your eyelashes with mascara after curling it.

8. Use a soft cotton bud to remove the excess shades from sides. Wear a highlighter on your brow bone area if preferred.

That’s it! You are done with your blue eye makeup! Have a closer look of the makeup below.

This is one more eye makeup to pair up with blue outfits! I made it wear simple with a wash of pink eyeshadow and liquid blue eyeliner. Need a tutorial?

Did you like this neutral blue eye makeup? So what colors would you wear with your blue outfit?


  1. dharu bharadwaj says

    awesome lancy…so beautiful:)i love the tips…well you can use a peach blush to give that orange tone to your look and finish with a nude coral lipstick or nude brown with slight pink in it:)

  2. Adi A.S. says

    You have the most beautiful eyes Lancy!! and I loooovveeee blue.. I’m just drooling over this post 😡

  3. Supriya Kabra says

    very pretty look lancy… over the weekend i did some blue coral eye makeup but it did not turn out to be soooo good as yours!

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