How to Stop Hair Fall Due to Dandruff? – MABH Reader Query

Abha Agarwal asks..
Hey Lancy,
Your blog is really nice and I find the tips really useful. My query is that I have a severe dandruff problem and till date I have used all kinds of products. I have also tried using methi, lemon and hibiscus flower for my problem. They don’t seem to work. I have a bad hair fall problem because of dandruff. Please suggest me home remedies and hair care products for dandruff.

Reply to the Query:

Hi Abha,

Dandruff can also be a cause of your hair fall problem but find whether it is the sole cause or not. Dandruff is the dead skin that sheds from your scalp; its quite common in human. If your dandruff problem is severe, it might be due to scalp dryness, improper maintenance or scalp infection. Hormone imbalance can also be the culprit. To stop hair fall due to dandruff, you should first stop dandruff. Follow the 3 essential steps below to reduce dandruff and keep hair fall in check.

1. Clean Scalp:

Rinse your hair at least twice a week. If you regularly exposure your hair to dust and sunlight, then 3 times will be required. Clean scalp is the enemy for dandruff. Use medicated shampoos or mild herbal ones. Avoid shampoos containing SLS, paraben and silicones. If you are not comfortable with shampoo (If in case they cause you allergies..), go all natural. You can use homemade shikakai hair wash powder to wash your hair. It rinses out dirt, oiliness and dandruff effectively. But if you have dry scalp, I suggest you to use this Shikakai Hair Wash Cream recipe instead of plain shikakai as it is little drying in nature.

2. Nourish with Oils:

Though dryness might not be the sole reason for your dandruff, it can also be one of the main causes. I don’t experience dandruff throughout the year but sometimes I experience mild itching and dandruff problem. And this happens only in monsoons. The cold air strips of the natural moisture of the scalp and encourages peeling of the scalp skin – which results in dandruff flakes. Hence, find time to oil your hair at least twice a week. Oiling hair is very important in order to reduce hair fall and grow long hair fast. Hot oil treatment will do best for your dandruff problem! Along with oiling, few homemade nourishing hair packs will also work good to nourish your scalp and prevent dryness.

3. Dandruff Curing Diet:

Dehydration, stress and sleeplessness might cause dandruff! So stay stress-free, sleep well and drink lots of water everyday. Drink at least 10 full glasses of water everyday. Believe me! You will start seeing changes in your skin and hair within a month. Fruit juices, vegetables salads and watermelon can be consumed to prevent dehydration.

I don’t know why methi, hibicus and lemon failed to help your dandruff problem. However, our writer Harini swears by her Homemade Anti Hair Fall Hair Pack made of curd, aloe vera and other ingredients to stop severe hair fall. I guess it will also help inreducing itchy dandruff. Don’t forget to check out the recipe.

If nothing above works, then you should definitely consult your dermatologist soon. Topical treatments work good but not all the time and not in all the cases. If your dandruff + hair fall problem is due to hormonal inbalance, changes in diet or something else, then your doctor is the best person to treat it. Take care!

Do you have a tip/solution for Abha’s query? If yes, kindly drop it in the comment section below and help her! If you have any query regarding skincare, makeup or hair, feel free to drop it in our Readers Query section or drop me a mail. Have a great day everyone!


  1. Adi A.S. says

    I agree with all the points you’ve made Lancy, especially oiling. Dandruff can occur if your scalp is too dry so oiling could help :) also, try anti-dandruff shampoos, but don’t use them too often as they have more chemicals than regular shampoos :)

    • Lancy says

      Thanks Adi! Yeah what you said is true too.. Regular use to anti dandruff shampoos makes hair rough and frizzy.. That’s why I never use them. :) Btw, which shampoo do you use currently?

  2. Harini Senthil says

    I suggest adding Multani Mitti to hair packs and also rinse hair with lemon water in the ratio 1:2( this should be the last rinse while washing hair) to get rid of dandruff.

  3. dharu bharadwaj says

    try baking soda once a while into your shampoo…to remove product buildup…even this is a cause…use yogurt hair packs regularly:)

    • Lancy says

      Baking soda removes product buildup?? Seriously? I was in search of one product like this! Trying this very soon! thanks Dharu :)

    • dharu bharadwaj says

      no probs:D yes it does…mix like half a spoon with shampoo…you will notice it lathers u like crazy:) as usual apply and rinse…conditioner if used later it is better:)

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