Elegant Blue French Tip and White Flowers Nail Art ~ DIY Tutorial

by Arshita

Hello amigos, how are you all doing?
I love all types and styles of nail art from abstract to flowers to just dots. Whenever I am free, I keep trying new nail arts and if I become successful I never forget to share it with you guys. The huge and hearty responses I have received from the lovely readers of MABH motivates me a lot. Today, I will show you my DIY Elegant Blue French Tip and White Flowers Nail Art. So, letโ€™s see it.

Things You Will Need:

  • Base coat/off-white nail paint.
  • Blue nail paint.
  • White nail paint.
  • Golden nail paint.
  • Top coat nail paint.
  • Dotting tool/ bobby pin/ hair pin.


Step 1: Clean your nails and apply the base coat on all your nails. Let dry. (I have used an off white nail paint.)

Step 2: Apply the blue nail paint on the tip of your nails. Carefully cover all the nail-tips and let dry.

Step 3: Now, with your dotting tool draw an outline of the tip with the golden color nail paint as shown in the picture. (I have used hair pin as dotting tool.)

Step 4: For the flower, with your dotting tool draw four big dots on the left side of your nail tips. Then stretch the dots inside to form petals that are narrow in the middle (as shown in the picture). (The trick is to place a big drop and stretch it by just a touch.)

Step 5: Now, in the middle of the flowers place one big dot with the golden color nail paint. And let dry for 5 minutes. While drying with an ear bud soaked in nail paint remover, clean all the messes around your nail. (if there are any!) (You can use rhinestones or stone bindis in the middle of the flower.)

Step 6: Finally apply the top coat and let it dry.

Try this easy and yet beautiful nail art and flaunt it with your beautiful dress or saree. You can use color matching nail paints according to your outfit. So, ladies donโ€™t forget to let us know how you rocked this beautiful nail art.

Did you like this Blue Frech Tip Flowers Nail Art?


  1. dharu bharadwaj says

    blue is my favorite jewel tone…..awesome arshita…i love that hint of gold …makes it festive at the same time chick

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