Beginner Eye Makeup Basics – Step by Step Tutorial

Hello girls,

Eye makeup is such an easy and of course an enjoyable task to do. I am neither a pro nor a beginner in eye makeup. I have my own style when it comes to eye makeup. As a beginner, I used to struggle a lot with confusions while doing eye makeup. Which one to apply first? Mascara or eyeliner?; Should I curl my lashes first then apply mascara or mascara should come first?; These are the examples of few of my confusions.
Eyes are the beautiful part of a girl’s face which expresses grace and power. Every girl loves to keep her eyes beautiful at the maximum. For that, she needs a little amount of eye makeup. Many women hesitate to do eye makeup as they fear they might end up doing it wrong resulting in a bad eye look. That kind of fear is unnecessary. Come let us check few basics of eye makeup for beginners! You don’t need to be a pro to apply eye makeup. Even eye makeup beginners can rock with their own style following some simple steps!

Things you will need:

  • Under eye concealer
  • An eye shadow base or a primer
  • Eyeshadow or Eye pigments
  • Highlighter
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Kajal
  • Mascara

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Beginners?


After cleansing your eyes, concealing is the first step to do when it comes to eye makeup. Take a bit of your favorite concealer and apply under your eyes. Remember, the shade should match your skin tone near your eyes. Gently spread it with a concealer brush without streaking. Conceal the darkness or under eye circles around your eyes with the concealer, if you have any.


An eye primer is the essential key that makes your eyeshadow stay long with a vibrant glow. If you do not have a primer, use a good eyeshadow base. Your eyeshadow base must blend naturally into your skin without being any chalky. This step is very important if you want your eye makeup to be bright and stay for a long time.


Pick your favorite eyeshadow first. Matte colors with or without subtle shimmers will do good for day time makeup and the extra shimmery ones make your eyes glitter in night looks. Choose your eyeshadow according to your dress color. For office wear, choose natural subtle colors rather than going for vibrant ones. If you are an expert in applying double shades on your eyes, you can apply two shades and match them up or just go for a single shade. Give a light washout of eyeshadow on both your eyelids.


After applying the eyeshadow, highlight your brow bones with an highlighter to make your eyes look bright and vibrant. You can also highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a light shaded eyeshadow after putting on your eyeliner. This make your eyes more open and sharp.


When the above steps are done, take your eyeliner, in black or may be in some other color and line your eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner. As per your convenience, choose a liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner. Make sure you eyeliner is waterproof. After applying your eyeliner wait for few seconds and allow it to dry. Applying eyeliner and immediately curling the eye lashes will mess the look of your eyes

Eyelash curler:

This step can be skipped if you are blessed with long curly eyelashes but still, using an eyelash curler will bring enormous change in your eye makeup look. It make your eyes pop up like anything and gives that ‘beautiful girly eyes’ effect. Curl your eyes carefully without hurting your eyes.

Eyebrow Pencil

If you have uneven, thin eyebrows, adjust them with a dark brown or black eyebrow pencil. Make sure not to fake it. Hold the pencil slantingly and give milder strokes to achieve a natural look.


Apply a waterproof, smudge proof kajal/kohl on your lower lash line and water line to give your eyes a defined look. You can skip kajal if you do not prefer it.


This is the last, but not the least important step in eye makeup. Mascara volumizes and lengthens your eye lashes and make your eyes look beautiful! Believe, it make your eyes more ‘beautiful’! Choose a water proof mascara which doesn’t clump. Wait for few seconds and allow your mascara to dry.

That’s it! You’re done with your eye makeup now. These are the essential steps of a perfect eye makeup. These are not the compulsory steps; you can skip one or few of them which you don’t prefer. If you follow these steps perfectly, though being a beginner, you can rock like a pro in eye makeup. All the best!

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    Nice post Lancy. It is amazing how an eyebrow pencil, mascara and kajal can transform dull and sleepy eyes.

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