Himalaya Herbals Fairness Cream Review

Hi girls! This week or so we have been seeing few reviews of Himalaya Herbals products such as the foot cream, lip butter and kajal etc. Today I am reviewing the fairness cream from this brand. Fairness? It’s not a crave for me, but bright and glowing skin? Yes I love it! Who doesn’t like their skin to be radiant. So, I gave this product a try to check whether it’s making my skin bright, clear spots or something else like that. Using this cream for more than a year, I have a lot to say about it. Now let us see a detailed review on what it does and what it doesn’t. 
Himalaya Herbals Fairness Cream 
Price: Rs.65 for 50g
(It also comes in a small pack of Rs.30 approx, I am not sure about the quantity)
Shelf Life: 3 yrs
Ingredient list
Each gm contains:
Aloe vera/Kumari (Aloe vera– 50mg): Moisturizes and softens the skin.
Walnut/Akschota (Juglans regia – 20mg): Nourishes the skin.
Orange/Naranga (Citrus reticulata – 20mg): Removes blemishes.
Rose/Satapatrika (Rosa centifolia – 20mg): Improves complexion. Keeps you fresh.
Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Bronopol.
What does the Product Claims
“Fairness in 4 weeks” – The unique natural formula of Himalaya Fairness Cream is absorbed faster into the skin and works throughout the day, making your complexion better each time, every time. Prevents dark discoloration of the face.
  • “4 Dimensional Fairness” – Improves glow, Moisturizes, Improves complexion, Nourishes.
  • Himalaya fairness cream is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine.
  • Suitable for all skin types. No bleaching agents. No harmful chemicals.
  • Natural herbal formulations tend to change colour overtime. However, the product efficacy remains unchanged.
My Views and Ratings

The Packaging
Do you want me to say? It comes in a tube like every other Himalaya herbals cream come. The acne cream, foot cream and bla bla bla. The tube is in white with rose mixed colour, with a green screw type cap. The tube is so simple in looks but it’s a TUBE. Isn’t that enough for me? Wow It’s my favorite!! Because it is hygienic than silly tubs 😀 Perfect for squeezing with control! Perfect for traveling!. Hey wait, I forgot to mention a thing. The cream tube is compactly placed inside a rectangle cardboard box. No bad I see in it’s packaging.
4.9/5 (Expecting some cute packaging from Himalaya Herbals)
Colour, Consistency and Fragrance
The cream is neither too thick nor runny, but its very light as like in between a lotion and cream’s consistency. The cream being white coloured has a very light peach tint on it and also a shiny, silky texture. To say about the fragrance, it is unexplainable, the fragrance is a kinda floral + herbal, may be a little heavy for sensitive noses but after applied onto the skin, it gets mild. I loved its fragrance.
4.5/5 (Fragrance can be little mild)
                                                                            Before application
                                                                 After application
How It Works On Me
First thing I want to say is that this cream is in my HG list. My skin tends to change somewhat oily in summers and those times, this cream is pick for sure. It spreads easily (But not that quick, as the consistency is very light you need to massage the cream over your face till it gets absorbed) and gives a light matte effect. It instantly brightens my face and gives an oily free look. However dry skins may feel it stretchy or tight. With regular use, this cream fades away the spots and evens out my skin up to an extent. I dislike the slight powdery consistency of this cream. but still okay with it for its other benefits. It doesn’t make me fair, or white as per the claim. No cream can do this I know but the brightening effect is pretty good and this is what I want too. I am not crazy about pale skins 😛 Bright, soft and beautiful is enough. I totally love this cream and using it everyday! (Except winters). Oily skins and also normal to oily skins should try this one for sure!
  1. Instantly gives a matte effect and brightens skin.
  2. Contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, wall nut, orange and rose which are very good for your skin. 
  3. No side effects and it doesn’t break out skin! This is a great plus. 
  4. Doesn’t make skin greasy or oily. Perfect for all season usage in oily skins.
  5. Stays on my face for a long time and can be used as a good makeup base.
  6. Hygienic packaging and travel friendly.
  7. Smells floral. I love it.
  8. Comes in a dirt cheap price and lasts really long as a little amount is enough for whole face and neck.
  9. It’s Himalaya herbals. So easily available everywhere!
  10. Fades away dark spots and evens out skin up to an extent.

  1. Stretchy feel if used on dry skins. It will not suit dry skins anytime, even summers.
  2. Contains parabens. (Every other cosmetic product do so)
  3. The cream has a slight powdery consistency.
  4. Fragrance may be a bit heavy for sensitive noses but gets mild after application. 
My Recommendation: A great pick for oily skins! normals too I guess,not sure.
Overall Rating: 4/5 
Will I repurchase?: Why not? I said it’s in my HG list isn’t it? 😛


  1. few unnecessary stuff says

    sounds nice..but somehow i hv n apathy to anything claiming fairness..they make skin dry n leaves a whitish cast :) this seems different though ! :)

    • Lancy says

      ha ha 😛 If applied much this also leaves a ashy cast Sukanya. And also you need a good moisturizer along with this if you’re extremely dry skinned. For my Normal 2 oily skin, it was just perfect.

  2. Nivedita says

    Since this fades away blemishes, I guess this is in my next list. it would save me tons I’m spending on foundations!
    I so needed this review. Does it help with any tan?

    • Lancy says

      I think so Nivedita. I helps in removing tan a bit but unfortunately this cream doesn’t have any SPF :( I used this every day and night when I was in leave and saw a nice improvement on my skin tone.

  3. Jen..The Butterfly Effect says

    Himalaya products are really good!! They suit the sensitive skin as well unlike Biotique products. 😐

  4. rajni yadav says

    hello dear lancy i m 26 and have oily and white skintone but now my skin become blackish and some dark spots and open pore and tiny pimples around in my t-zone area and no glow at all so pls pls pls dear give me some advised for me and also gv me an idea about diet.

  5. rajni yadav says

    lancy u yaar suppprrrrrrrbbbbb and u gv a lots of ideass of lots of people so i hope i can satisefied by your adviesed love u dear.

  6. ankitha reddy says

    hi, i have dry skin and started using this cream, after 3 to 4 days i got small pimples on my cheek and forehead.is this the side effect of the cream. and plz tell me how to get rid of these pimples quikly.

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