Fair Skin in 30 Days – Homemade Herbal Face Pack

Hey everyone!
Today I’m going to share a magical homemade face pack recipe that can brighten your skin and make it blemish free. But before that, I’d like to confess something. What do you all mean by ‘fairness’ and why do most of the people here long for whiter and paler skin?

For me, ‘fair skin’ is a good skin be it pale or dark or dusky! I’m dark-dusky by birth and I love my skin! I love making it smooth, bright and good looking with natural treatments but I NEVER would like to bleach/lighten it! ‘Fairness’ doesn’t describe how pale your skin is! And so, I personally find the word not suitable to describe a particular skin type.

Do you consider only ‘white skin’ beautiful? For me it’s not at all true. Only we Indians believe the myth that whiter skin is beautiful whereas the white people badly want to get dusky complexion like us. We can never change our born skin color naturally. And it’ll not look ‘natural’ on us too!

Even if we use chemical products and bleaches, they does only peel off the healthy skin and gives you a pale skin which will look artificial and that too will fade off within few days back to your born color. By that time, your skin would have turned damaged and it will be looking really horrible due to those bad chemicals  Who’d really want to experience it? Everything you can do naturally for your skin complexion is just removing the suntan and retaining you original born skin color. There are many home remedies and natural herbal remedies available for this. We can simply follow these in our home to retain our natural skin color to get rid of blemishes and uneven skin tone which reveals your baby soft beautiful skin within fewer uses!

In this post I am going to write about an interesting herbal face pack which can retain your original born skin color up to a great extent and make your skin blemish free within few weeks of usage! (The results are tried, tested and great!) You can use a good moisturizer after using this face pack to prevent your skin from drying out. If you have very oily skin, I recommend Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream that works great along with this pack!
Herbal Face Pack for Fairness in 30 Days



1. Holy basil powder (Tulsi) – 2 teaspoons
2. Neem powder – 2 teaspoons
3. Multani mitti – 1 teaspoon
4. Lemon juice – Few drops
5. Rose water – Few drops
6. Olive oil – Few drops (Add if you have dry skin)


  • Mix all the ingredients to form a smooth paste.
  • Cleanse your face with your regular face wash.
  • Take facial steam for 3 minutes. Taking a facial steam before using face pack doubles the effect as steaming opens up the skin’s pores and allow the ingredients to penetrate well on your skin. (Make sure not to steam your facial skin more than once in every ten days, this facial steam need not to be done everyday. Just once in ten days is enough)
  • Now gently wipe your skin and apply the smooth paste over your face and neck evenly with fingers or with the use of the face pack brush.
  • Allow the pack to work on your skin for 20 minutes.
  • Now wet your fingers and gently scrub your face in circular motion for at least five minutes to remove all the dead skin cells and impurities to bring out your new fair skin. Wash off with clean and cold water. Pat dry.


Use this pack daily for faster results! Don’t forget to add olive oil if you don’t have oily skin; or else the pack might be too drying for you – which might result in dull skin instead of bright skin. This face pack is fully natural and hence no need to worry about any side effects. You can also use this on children’s skin. I strongly recommend everyone to use this herbal face pack, a natural skin product at home daily for 30 days. After that you can use it twice or once in a week to maintain the smooth complexion permanently! Strictly avoid sunlight during this period as it’ll do more harm to your skin than usual. (As your skin turns photosensitive with the treatment!)


I recommend everyone to try this magical face pack yourself and submit your results here! It really does wonders!- Rejuvenates skin, removes tan, evens out skin tone, improves complexion, vanishes blemishes, acne scars blackheads and dark spots. It’s an all in one natural face pack that everyone should try! But don’t forget to use a good screen or don’t step out in the sun altogether than at least a month after usage to retain the results. Kindly share this recipe with your friends as well! Much love.
Note : Don’t forget to check out Rashmita’s tried and tested homemade tan removal recipes!


  1. priyanka g says

    hi lancy,i’ve oily skin,and uneven skin tone on face particularly darken forehead and neck can u suggest me something to cope up with dis pls…

  2. jo sweet heart says

    Unfortunetly I couldn’t find these ingredients in my country ->
    Holy basil powder (Tulsi)
    Neem powder
    Multani mitti

    :( Can i use some else instad of them ?

  3. junaid ali says

    hello..my skin is dark and also have pimples and dark spots on my face, what should i do? plz guide me

    • shana says

      hiii,i have some pimples on my forehead and few hairs on the upper lip.can i have remove these problems while using this face pack?

  4. Anand Narayan says

    Hi Lancy,

    I am Anand. I have a question on Applying Neem powder as an ingredient. I know its the best for removing black spots. but then, Wont it affect the growth of hair on face? Is there an alternative? Thanks for your suggestions.

  5. Anushka Pawar says

    Hi Lancy, a salon lady told me that if you out face packs regularly like alot then it tihgtens your skin and later in future it loosens up and your skin becomes baggy…is it true? Is it bad for teenagers because im only 14 and people say your skin might become sinsitive

  6. Anushka Pawar says

    Hi Lancy, a salon lady told me that if you out face packs regularly like alot then it tihgtens your skin and later in future it loosens up and your skin becomes baggy…is it true? Is it bad for teenagers because im only 14 and people say your skin might become sinsitive

  7. Faizah Niaz says

    hi lancy. can we apply that face pack on our hands nd legs coz due 2 tanning they hve lost their orignal colour plzzzzzzzzzz help me in jan i m getting mariied nd can u plz tell me a home remedy to get long nd thick hair

  8. Faizah Niaz says

    hi lancy. can we apply that face pack on our hands nd legs coz due 2 tanning they hve lost their orignal colour plzzzzzzzzzz help me in jan i m getting mariied nd can u plz tell me a home remedy to get long nd thick hair

  9. Humza says

    hi,lancy I am 16 year old teen and have above average dark complexion oily skin.I would love to use ur face pack as these days boys also take care of there appearence.
    Mah que is that after using ur face pack, which is the best chemical free or have no harmful chemicals facewash that i can use.And i am also lacking in knowledge of sunscreen so which is the best sunscreen for indian skin.


  10. siva dhas says

    hi dear……. my face is white at the age of 10. But now at the age of 20 I have become black. My legs colour and my face colour are differing. What is the fact and how can I cure for this.

  11. Sabita Devi says

    Helo lancy well my problem is that i am having extreme suntan n my skin is losing its glow please suggest some tips to make it glow and also suggest some packs.my skin is normal but i sweat a lot please help;-(

  12. tom jom says

    hi lancy,
    can we use body moisturizer for face also?Actually i am using nivea but i am becoming dark using that..
    can u suggest me a good moisturizer for face i am having very dry sking..

  13. Namrata Srivastava says

    Hey Lancy,
    I really like this idea and i think it is unique :) my question to you is that after or before i put the face pack, can I scrub lemon on my face? pls reply ASAP… :) thank-you


    Hi madam am Solomon my age 28 male. my face and neck is very black my forehead is very dark body colour is normal any solution pls

  15. Expressions says


    I tried to make the face pack according to the measurements given but it does not become a paste. so I was wondering if I can add normal water or maybe increase the quantity of rose water to make a paste?

    Thanku :)

  16. Monik Pal Bindra says

    hii mam face is becoming dull these days. i am fed up plzz tell somethings so that which is benficial for me. and also tell something for my dark circels also

    • dharu bharadwaj says

      boil water like around 2 litres. you can use your geyser water as well when its really hot. put it in a small bucket. after applying cleanser, sit on knees and bend over it after enveloping your self and the bucket with a blanket. no air should pass…..hope this helps. you will start sweating profusely. after you are satisfied, splash your face with cold water and apply toner and moisturizer.

  17. Shreya Agarwal says

    Hey i have dry skin and uneven skin tone. Recenltly my skin got sun tanned. Neck and area around my mouth is darker.
    can u suggest me a simple home remedy to get better skin.

    • Dharu Bharadwaj says

      first of all shreya use a good sunscreen. a sunblock is better. try neutrogena and lotus. they are good. use an anti tan pack. make sure to wear light colored clothes and maintain your ctm procedure without fail and even if your not a makeup person its a must for good skin care.

      try these home remedies

      1. curd mixed with pure turmeric, a spoon of lemon juice and gram flour. can be used on alternate days for tan removal

      2. tomato juice mixed with milk and honey

      3. raw cucumber juice with few drops of lemon. this can be used as an after sun exposure daily pack. cools down immediately removing chances of pigmentation.

      4. egg white and sugar scrub once a week for even tone. if you don’t want as a scrub, just massage with egg white (not the yolk) for 15 min and rinse and moisturise.

  18. kajal mehra says

    I have a sensitive skin
    nothing suites my skin tone . I have a
    major problem I had darkcircles under
    my eyes and also my chin is darked. I
    used this pack from last 6 Days, no
    improvent in my skin tone
    I used tulsi pack of ayur instead of tulsi
    powder n neem fack instead of neem
    powder .is IT is good for my skin tone .
    my skin is damage from last 1 year
    please help me out from this matter
    nd suggest me sun screen lotion n face
    wash which suites me

  19. Ruhi says

    Hello lancy, I m new to ask u some questions for hairfall. Can u plz tell me any gud n effective tip to stop my hairfall and increase my hair volume very quickly my hair r v dry. I read u suggestions n like to b advise by u

  20. mahiya says

    :yes: I have normal skin and my friend suggest himalya’s neem face wash… tell me it is good for me or not…? Pls sugges me a facewash… :-)

  21. sindhu says

    Hi firstly thanks for your herbal facial powder. Then I have dark face I want white face in between 30 days because my marriage coming jully ya please tell to good facial (low cost facial) :rose: for me

  22. priyali says

    hi my skin normal oily, am i need use olive oil& my upper lips are also dark plz suggest me homemade remedies for that

  23. kavitha says


    My face became very dark from past 3 to 4 months after doing bleach and facial, if i follow the avove trick will my face get glow

  24. afreen says

    Hi I am 26 yr old n developed blacksports on my face which are spreading all over my face.n I had pigmentation n colour is getting darker though I didn’t go out. As I am a house wife. Plzzzzz suggest me. I baldy need expert advice.

  25. akanksha says

    Hii i m 26 years old.i have combination or normal skin.can i use herbal pack u hav told.should i have to use olive oil in pack or not according to skin.plz tell me as soon as possible

  26. poojareddy says

    hi iam pooja
    I have pimples and spots on my face from 5 yrs can you suggest any idea for this problem. I used many creams and medicines but there is no use.plz help me

  27. MANIKA says


  28. says

    Hi lancy,
    My skin have oily and have some dark circles on my face and my hand is became very dark. I am using also lemon juice on my skin. but have no result Please suggest me some powerful homemade face pack.

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