Carrot Skin Whitening Peel

Carrot is rich in minerals and Vitamin A, which makes it a miracle vegetable! It’s really good for your skin. There are many goodness that carrots provides for your skin and enhance your beauty. Few of them are listed below.
  • Gives young glowing skin
  • Purifies blood which reflects in your skin’s beauty.
  • Gives soft and smooth body which glitters like a gold.
  • Cures dark circles and sagging skin in your eyes.
  • Nourishes skin and improves the complexion.
  • Removes sun tan and gives a even toned skin.
  • You can achieve a model-like skin if you drink a glass of fresh carrot juice everyday.


Impressed of carrot? I felt the same when I came to know about it. Now I am eating 2 carrots a day and seeing visible results on my skin! I also use carrot for outer application to add glow to my face. I wanted to share with my readers, about the CARROT PEEL recipe in this post and I will explain you all now! Try this out and write your feedback to me.

CARROT SKIN WHITENING PEEL (Removes tan and peels off the dead skin layer)

Fresh Carrot
Lime juice

  • Peel off the carrot’s skin and wash it with clean and cold water. Cut the carrot into pieces and paste it finely using a mixy.
  • Now add required amount of gelatin in water and heat this mixture in a double boiler. After the mixture gets melted, turn off the stove and add the carrot paste, lemon juice and honey to it. Blend well to form a smooth paste.
  • Refrigerate this peeling cream for 20 minutes. That’s it. Our facial peel is ready now!

  • Cleanse your face with warm water.
  • Apply this peeling mixture over your face and neck and spread it evenly to cover the entire skin surface.
  • Allow the skin to absorb this peel for 15 minutes. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t leave this mixture on you skin too long.
  • Now, after it gets dried start peeling off gently from the neck. You should peel it a upward motion, I mean from neck to face.
  • After the peeling process is complete, wash your face with cold water. Pat dry.

  • You skin will glow like a gold which have been never before.
  • This carrot peel rejuvenates skin and peels off the outer dead skin layer which leads to growth of new soft skin. It also doesn’t have any side effects as it is a natural product at home.
  • This peel can be performed once or twice in a month to maintain a wonderful soft glowing skin. You can also perform this at home 2 or 3 days before going to a party to attract everyone’s attraction.

Good luck friends! :)


  1. Sabrina Moore says

    Carrots are of my favorite veggies! I haven’t tried this one, but I just might one of these days. However, consulting a dermatologist is still the best way for me.

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