Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash Review

Hello readers.. Today I am gonna write a review about CLEAN AND CLEAR FACE WASH. I came to know about this Johnson and Johnson product by television ad and wanted to try this. I am using this face wash for past three days and noticing its pros and cons. Let me write about it briefly in this post. Read it and write your feedback. You can also submit your doubts.
Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash
  • Removes dirt, oil and impurities
  • The special formula prevents pimples
  • For clean and clear skin which glows

I bought this face wash 3 days ago and using it twice a day. It is colorless and looks like a gel with a good smell. My opinion is that this is one of the best ¬†face washes for oily skinned people. They can surely use this face wash without any hesitation. It cleanses the skin well and controls oil secretion. My face doesn’t feel oily at all even after 2 hours of washing.

1. Very best to use for oily skin as it washes out excess oil and keeps your skin fresh.
2. It smells better and a little drop is enough to wash the entire face and neck. It lathers well and rinses out completely.
3. The best summer time face wash which we can carry in our handbag everywhere
4. Affordable for good worth ( A gift for oily skinned people)

1. The face wash is not good to use if you have extremely dry or sensitive skin. It may lead to dryness. Hence, you should use a hydrating face wash like PONDS DAILY FACE WASH. It consists of Vitamin E and glycerin and worked well for me.
2. For normal skin, usage in summer is better, but we should opt for another moisturizing face wash in winter as this one removes all the moisture from the skin.

Overall, Its a great product for oily skinned people, Guys who roam often in sun can carry this along with them daily. It is very handy and perfect to use. I am in love with this product after I started using this. It really prevents pimples and make skin clean and clear as it claims.

My Rating : 4.5/5 (Sorry I wouldn’t have reduced .5, that’s for the tight feeling in dry skins :( ) Overall it is a great product :) I’ll use it for sure in summers.


  1. Lancy says

    Sure Zinnia :) I was about to review head and shoulders tomorrow. I’ll try these products and post good reviews. Thanks for your good suggestion and keep visiting :)

  2. Zinnia says

    Please do some more product reviews! Ideas: Lux Purple, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Neutrogena Facial Cream, Parachute coconut oil, Dove Soaps, Vaseline/Dove Moisturizing lotions.

  3. Anonymous says

    I use only besan to wash my face since 6 months I v been using only besan n have not used any soap o facewash. Is it fine ? My pimples r gone but marks r stil der n sometimes pimples keep coming

  4. Shakti Renu says

    Hi Lancy

    I have a combination skin type. Which face wash would you recommend for my skin type? My T-Zone is also pimple prone.

  5. Libby Everall says

    Hi, just curious, which in your opinion is better for oily skin, this or the Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Lemon Face Wash?

  6. vivek says

    hi am using clean & clear foaming face wash i have a oily skin but my skin is burnt along the sides of noses & on cheecks plss help me out

    • Hikaru yuina says

      try rubbing vaseline (the gell base) in ur face at night after washing it with face wash. it helps burns and it gives of a smooth a subtle feeling in the morning :)

  7. Hikaru yuina says

    i bought this product yesterday :).
    its amazing! ive only used it twice bt my skin is soft n my acne seems to be dissapearing.its not too strong n its not too mild,jus perfect for part-oily skin. im gonna use this product frm now on! its definetly a keeper! :)
    pple with part-oily skin n acne prone skin should totally try this :)

  8. hikaru yuina says

    So.. i bought this product 6days back. and im amazed!!!
    i have serious case of acne frm my forehead to my chin(literally) ive tried tons of acne products n medication bt it never really worked. so one day i jus went n tried this its awesome ! my acne reduced 30% in these 6 days.
    its working wonders n its definetly a keepeer

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